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Proton ╮(◔_◔)╭ (3D)

MAF 680 - Proton 2012

Abe Jose

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Proton ╮(◔_◔)╭ (3D)

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT Revise the National Car Policy to make Proton more competitive. An appropriate person should manage proton with good exposure on the automotive industry. Government should give Proton more opportunities to explore the global market on its own. Proton should take customers’ feedback seriously and evaluate every detail on the customers’ feedback. Provide training to customer service workers for them to improve their service for the customers. Improve the time taken for each service duration. From Saga To Fadzlan Rahman 2010239586
Maisarah Daud 2010682694
Syapiq Mat Nor 2010672048
Ihsan Wahab 2010651636
Nur Ain Hashim 2010286064
Hazuan Hamdan 2010485148
Iffa Akmar 2010268772
Nurlatifah Zolkepli 2010881672
Hisham Kadir 2010230178 To To To To To To F
E Proton cannot make good profit margin for the past few years. Will Proton sustain with good financial performance in the future? Proton should increase the number of financial institution engagement in order to facilitate the customers to make hire purchase agreement and loans to buy the cars. Collaboration with global automotive company in order to gain their technology improvement. Create their own engines that provide good quality for Proton cars. Set a Green Mobility car challenge annually in order to obtain new idea and innovation from applicants. Introduce hybrid car technology to fulfill the awareness of environment preservation. CUSTOMER SERVICE High percentage of
dissatisfaction of
customers towards
the services
provided by Proton. There is few innovation in research and development in order to provide the best quality for Proton cars. Proton is being too protected by the government and
eventually made Proton less competitive in the automotive market. Government should continue to provide grant
for the Proton. THANK YOU In 2007 Take over – Mizz Nina
Since Khazanah has holding Proton for a while
And now DRB-Hicom has been takes over them
Will there be some changes happening around Proton now
Luckily the government still provides some finance
I said Proton we gotta lil’ problem we gotta lil’ problem
and we gonna solve them
I said Proton we gotta lil’ problem we gotta lil’ problem
And we are gonna solve them

This is how its going down, going down
And Imma gonna break it, break it, break it down
Break it down
This is a take oh oh over
This is a take oh oh over Bills, Bills, Bills – Darren Cris

In Proton we have discipline
But not up to the standard to be best
We’ve been treated like babies by the government all the time
Not risky for us to take chances
Thinking that we could success
We gotta be free…. To achieve our target sales
We shouldn’t be…. In the hands of the government
We should take risks to grab some new opportunities
To attract those big company from local and global Can Proton succeed?
Can proton achieve target?
With less help from government
If it did maybe we could chill
I don’t think Proton do
So we provide solutions What make you beautiful – One Direction

Have you know the latest story in the news
Proton and Honda collaborate together
To produce hybrid engine for the Proton car
Improve standard, oh oh that is the reason why
Oh oh
Target to improve Proton! Greased Lightning - gLee

Its inefficient, its unsatisfied, its unfriendly
Customer service! Customer service!
The final topic that we reveal tp you, quality, quality and service
They took very lightly customers complaints, oh yeah… quality, quality and service
Customers got fed up, customers get mad, they make complaints
With the service so slow, we have to wait long
Long, long, long, long, long, long

Let Honda collaborate with Proton, to improve
Help Proton, help Proton improve
Increase the service, improve the quality standards
Make Proton, make Proton famous
Good partnership
They can recover from all their low sales
Low, low, low, low, low, low And the car has many defaults we have to repair (oooooo)
With feedback so many we have to ignore them all (ooooooo)
Complaints keep bundling, people never satisfied
Luckily Honda came we can improve quality
Customer service…!!!
Go, go, go, go, go, go

Inefficient employees has made customer fed up
Get fed up, get, get fed up
They did not take action when we give our feedback
No actions, we get ignored
Its getting worse, bad services, customer service!
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad

Let Honda collaborate with Proton to improve
Help Proton, help Proton improve
Increase the service, improve the quality standard
Make Proton, make Proton famous
Good partnership
They can recover from all their low sales
Customer service! Service! Service! Service!yeah……
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