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New and Improved Student Orientation Presentation!

No description

BonAppetit Managers

on 1 August 2017

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Transcript of New and Improved Student Orientation Presentation!

one free meal per shift worked
flexible scheduling
chance for promotion

email is our primary method of communication
students are expected to check their student email at least once every 24 hours
contact us:
Communication Agreement
blue polo
black formal pants
black hat
black apron
closed-toe, closed heel shoes
name tags must be worn (in office)
Front of House
appropriate, protective long pants
blue dish polo
black hat
plastic apron
closed-toe, closed heel shoes
non-slip overshoes
Back of House
bracelets, watches, rings, dangling earrings are not allowed
hair, including facial hair, must be clean, combed, and neatly trimmed
shoulder length or longer hair must be securely tied back away from the face and off of the shoulders
colored nail polish is not allowed
no chewing gum or use of tobacco
For All Positions
Health and Safety
frequently wash hands
any cuts or infections must be cleaned and covered
disposable gloves should be worn at all times, especially when handling ready-to-serve food, raw meats, and clean dishes and utensils
Personal Hygiene
eating or drinking anywhere in the servery is strictly prohibited
all employee beverages must be kept in appropriate cups
if a student wishes to prepare a meal while on shift (to be eaten later) they may compose a plate, wrap it in cling wrap, label it with their name and the current date, and store it in the hot box or cooler
No plates, cups, mugs or silverware should leave Bon Appetit. Clam shells are available to purchase from the cashier.
Food and Drink
ask for help lifting things that are too heavy
call out safety commands turning corners, and entering doorways - CORNER, BEHIND, COMING THROUGH...
clean up all spills immediately
wet floor signs
broken glass or dishes
only butter knife should be handled
any surface may be hot or slippery
immediately report any injury to the Bon Appétit Manager on Duty
Safety on the Job
3.75 hours or more = ten minute paid break
students working more than 5.0 consecutive hours are entitled to an unpaid half-hour meal period that will be scheduled by the Student Supervisor or non-student lead on shift
breaks cannot be used at the beginning or the end of a shift
taking a break longer than given will result in the marking of a tardy and given the tardy occurrence points

Using Voyager
Pay Period is every two weeks.... Sunday-Saturday, Sunday- Saturday
End of the pay period on that last Saturday, all hours worked in that 2 week pay period are to be reported in Voyager by 10:00pm the next day (the Sunday following the end of the pay period)
If a student fails to report time properly through Voyager you may not be paid until you submit your time for the next pay period
You can check all your hours worked for the 2 week pay period by following the directions on the TimeClick computer. You may take a photo of your hours or write them down to log into Voyager
You will have TWO Time Sheets in Voyager to fill out: Student Dining Service Worker & Weekend Dining Service Worker - pay is $1.50 more on weekends so Saturday and Sunday hours will want to go on the Weekend Time Sheet
Punches are to be rounded to the quarter hour in Voyager, the hours are set that way in the TimeClick program, please enter what hours are shown
In the case that a student employee forgets to punch in or out, has questions with the TimeClick Program or with Voyager, please contact the Student Managers .
Report Your Time!

drinking alcohol, using drugs, or abusing controlled substances at work – or coming to work under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances is unacceptable and will lead to immediate termination.
theft of any food or non-food item, regardless of value, from any Bon Appétit facility will result in disciplinary action*
the inappropriate use of cell phones, music players, or other distracting electronics while on the job will result in disciplinary action*
insubordination (refusing to carry out the duties assigned), or failure to follow any rules or regulations outlined in the handbook will result in disciplinary action*
* disciplinary action for any offense may consist of a disciplinary meeting, employment probation, or employment termination, at management discretion
Disciplinary Action and Probation
and Subbing
If an employee is unable to attend their scheduled shift, he or she must notify the Managers as soon as the conflict arises, and find a Bon Appétit student employee replacement.
the phone list and the Designated Student Email List should be used to find subs.
when a worker finds a sub, it is his or her responsibility to provide an email that the sub has agreed to take the shift
once an employee agrees to sub for another employee on a specific shift and the Student Managers have documentation, the person looking for a sub is relieved of all responsibility for their shift on the given date, and the sub is entirely responsible for the shift and any consequences of missing it
if a student is unable to find a sub for their shift, they are expected to attend their shift
Missing a Shift
Björklunden trips – will be excused if the trip is required for a class. Students must notify managers at least 1 week in advance as well as provide a note/email for the absence.
other jobs – any conflicts that arise due to employment with another job will not be excused, except at management discretion
Special Cases
an academic conflict is defined as a mandatory activity scheduled by a professor, coach or instructor (rehearsal, performance, required lecture, or other required course activity/event) and will be excused
For the absence to be excused, a student must provide at least a week's notice of the absence. If the managers are given less than a week notice, an email/note from the professor/ instructor must be received for the absence to be excused
homework or study sessions of any kind are NOT considered an academic conflict
if an employee is experiencing any of the following symptoms:
fever, diarrhea, vomiting, horrible cough, flu
he/she should not report to work unless discussed with managers.
Regular colds are okay to work as long as you are not constantly coughing and wiping your nose
students must CALL IN
EMAIL the Student Managers prior to the shift they cannot attend when giving LESS THAN a 24 hour notice
if a student is not feeling well and is dismissed from a shift by their supervisor less than halfway through the shift, it will be considered an illness-related absence
a student will be allowed a maximum of two sick days per term without providing management with proper documentation (doc. can consist of doctor or nurse’s note, email, phone call)
subsequent absences due to illness will require a note from a doctor or nurse in order to be considered excused
failure to provide a note after the first two note-free absences will result in an unexcused absence
If you get a note/find a sub, all illness absences are excused without taking a sick day.
Excused Absences
Academic Conflict
Excused Sick Days
tardiness is defined as:
clocking in late
clocking in without being properly dressed and prepared to begin the shift
or taking a longer break than allotted
we give a visible 2 minute grace period for punches in at the beginning of each shift (example: when scheduled for a 5:30 shift, a punch in at 5:32 will be considered on time, but 5:33 will be tardy).
if a student is notifying the Student Managers of a sub request more than 24 hours before the shift, only an email is required
if the notification occurs less than 24 hours before the shift, the student must both EMAIL AND CALL IN the sub request
notification must be provided at least 1 week before the shift for non-emergency reasons and if possible, as soon as possible before the start of the shift for emergency reasons (ie: illness, injury, family emergencies, at management discretion).
when calling in or emailing the Student Managers with a sub request, a student must provide ALL of the following information:

Shift Type
Shift Time
Shift Day
Shift Date
Reason for absence
Notifying Us of an Absence
Academic conflict – all e-mails sent in appropriate time frame; came in up to 30min prior and/or immediately after if necessary, note provided if needed - 0 ocurrences
Illness – phone call made and all e-mails sent in appropriate time frame, note provided if needed/sub is found - 0 Occurences
Tardy less than half of shift - 0.25 occurrences
Tardy more than half of a shift - 0.5 occurrences
Absent for a non-illness or non-academic reason, no sub found, all e-mails sent in appropriate time frame; phoned other employees- 1 occurrence
Illness -if 2 sick days have been used and no note is provided/no sub - 1 occurrence
Academic conflict - notification not given more than a week/ no note in advance - 1 occurrence
“No Call No Show” Absence – e-mails not sent; phone calls not made - 1.25 occurrences
Occurrences are points given in the event that student workers fail to follow the rules laid out in the student handbook.
3.0 Occurrences= Verbal Warning
4.0 Occurrences= Written Warning
5.5 Occurrences= Terminated
Occurrences will be reset at the start of each term
The Attendance Point System
if a student wishes to drop a shift, they must provide the student managers with one week written notice (preferably via email)
unless a replacement is found, or the student is excused by the student managers, the student is expected to continue to attend this shift during the one week notice period.
Dropping a Shift
student employees are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session
if a student employee works for two or more campus employers, the total number of hours for all jobs worked per week must not exceed 20
if a student works more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session, or for more than 40 hours when classes are not in session, disciplinary action will be taken
Hours Limitation
paychecks will be direct deposited into your bank account every other Friday
New Hire: $7.35, Weekends $8.85
Probationary Student Supervisor: $7.75
First year Student Supervisor: $8.50
Probationary Student Manager: $8.75
Student Manager: $9.00
raises will be given each year based on performance (as long as a student has worked at least two terms in that academic year, with at least 20 hours of scheduled work in each term) at management discretion
if a student ends his/her employment with Bon Appétit and is later rehired, he or she will begin employment at $7.35.
Paychecks and Wages
a student employee may be employed as a Sub Only worker, in which case they will have no pre-scheduled work shifts, but will have the option of filling in for other students who may be looking for subs
a Sub Only employee is required to work a minimum of fifteen hours per term when going to Sub-Only Employment.
if the employee fails to work the minimum of fifteen hours per term, they will not be eligible for sub only in the future.
to obtain Sub Only employment, the student employee must notify the Student Manager to discuss when Sub Only Employment would start
Sub Only Employment

Please feel free to contact the Student Managers or any of the Student Supervisors with any ideas or suggestions that you feel would benefit or enhance the employment relationships in Bon Appétit.
Breaks and Meal Periods

Welcome To Bon Appetit
Occurrence Attendance Point System
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