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Liam and Ponyboy compare and contrast.

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Kathryn Larsen

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Liam and Ponyboy compare and contrast.

Liam and Ponyboy compare and contrast.
In conclusion me and Ponyboy are a lot alike and different. We're more alike than anything. Me and Ponyboy do a lot of things the same in school, friends, just living like how I love the country just like Ponyboy but we live in the city.
Contrast #2
Me and Ponyboy are different in a lot of ways. He lives in Oklahoma and goes to high school and I live in Utah and go to junior high. Both of Ponyboys parents died and none of mine have died but I just live with my dad. Ponyboy has two brothers and I have two sisters and one brother. Although me and Ponyboy are both the youngest in the family.
Liam and Ponyboy
My name is Liam I am from Orem, Utah. I am 12 years old and I go to Orem Junior High. Ponyboy is a fourteen year old highschool boy from Oklahoma and is part of the greaser gang.
Contrast #1
I don't have a friend who killed some one. Ponyboy's friend Johnny killed a member of the socs one night and Ponyboy and Johnny had to go to a church and hide from the cops. I've never had to do that.
Me and Ponyboy are kind of alike. We both want to stay in school. We both have good grades and are pretty smart. I kinda have a "gang" like Ponyboy but we dont get in fights with other people. I'm the youngest in my group of friends some are in tenth, ninth, eighth and some of them are around my age. Pony boy the youngest in his group two so we're kind of similar.
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