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The Warthog

No description

Jayson Dorsey

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of The Warthog

Is The Warthog Endangered?
Warthogs are not currently endangered, but they are the prey of lion, cheetah, leopards,etc.
The Warthog's Home
The warthog is often found in South Africa.
The Warthog's Habitat
Its habitat is the moist and arid savannas. The savannas are very hot.
Warthog's Diet
The warthog is a herbivore. It eats plants, grasses, roots and bulbs.
The warthog does not lay eggs. It is a mammal and gives live birth.
The Warthog
By:Jayson Dorsey

South Africa is found in the continent, Africa.
Solitary or a Group?
The sow lives in a group. The boar lives alone.
What Are They?
Warthogs are a type of pigs. They may look fierce, but prefer to avoid fights and predators.

Life Span: 15-18 years
Weight: 120-250 pounds
Height: 30 inches at shoulder

3 Amazing Facts About Warthogs
1) They can run up to 30 miles per hour.

2) They are the only pigs to survive hot areas for several months.

3) Their tusks can grow to 10 inches long.
1) What kind of animal is it? mammal or reptile

2) What kind of reproduction does it do? Asexual or sexual

3) Is it a herbivore of omnivore?

4) What is their habitat? jungle or savannas

5) Where are they found?
Africa or North America





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