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Paint The Music: Mark Making Using Sound

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Katie Ramsdale

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Paint The Music: Mark Making Using Sound

Learning Objectives
- To understand the terms 'mark making' and 'abstract art'.
-To explore mark making though the combination of art and sound / music.
Success Criteria
You MUST: listen carefully to the music to help it influence the marks the you make and the materials you choose
You SHOULD: experiment with various materials that are available in order for your marks to reflect the music.
You Could: stand up and move around so you are not restricted to the marks you make.
What is mark making?
The act of applying any material to any surface.
The way in which you change a surface to create a visual and interesting piece of work.

Can you think of some examples of various materials and surfaces you can use?
What do you think abstract art is?
Abstract Art:
Not attempting t product things as you see them through your own eyes.
Trying to produce art through emotions or an idea rather than trying to reproduce a realistic object.
It is more about the marks, shapes, colours that are used within the work to reflect a feeling/ emotion/ state.
Wassily Kandinsky
Kandinsky was one of the first modern artists to paint abstract shapes to express his feelings rather than painting reproductions of what was infront of him i.e objects, portraits, landscapes etc.
His artwork was created from a great appreciation of classical music, painting whilst listening to music.
He believed that colours made you think about emotions, he claimed that when he saw colour he hear music.

Mark making through the influence of sound...
Fast, loud, angry piece of music:
Bold marks
Sharp lines
Quick movements
Dark colours
Flowing, relaxing piece of music
Lively, happy songs
Delicate marks
Fragile lines
Flowing lines
Light colours
Liquid materials
Lot's of movement
More marks
Flowing lines
Bright colours
Song one:
Puccini - O mio babbino caro

Song Two:
Metallica - St Anger
As a group create a large experimental drawing
What worked?

What materials were successful for which piece of music?
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