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thrill rides essay

No description

Heather Butler

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of thrill rides essay

purpose for a day of fun at an amusement park, the rides will hold the most thrill thesis the family choices, from decision on what to rides to get on to what not to get on, determined by what the family likes the amusement park rides are slow, medium, or extreme. amusement park rides medium extreme slow audience length Thrill audience length thrill audience length thrill slow rides are designed for kids who are and extreme rides. little. these rides are also for the kids that don't like the fast and extreme ones. the slow rides are also for the ones that are not tall enough to ride the other rides. the length of these rides tend to be very short. the kid rides are designed to be short but yet not to short that the ones riding are board, they deserve to have fun after all "is this real, or is it just a ride?'. the slow rides will help the kids learn that the ride is just a ride and that it is real, but only in their minds will it be real the thrills rides of an amusement park the slow rides are designed with some thrill but not the kind of thrill that the bigger ones hold. the kids that are looking for little thrill then these rides are for you. medium rides are the rides that are designed for kids who are older. these rides that are designed for older kids are the next step up from the littler rids. the length of these rides are just a little faster then the rides that you were on when you a kid. the length is not just faster but they are also longer than the other rides, this is because the kids want more exciting longer rides when they are older. the medium rides are designed to have more thrill and be more faster. the rides thrill will be more thrilling and more fun to ride that you would not even think about the little kid rides anymore. the extreme rides are the most rides that the kids tend to get on when they are older. these rides are for kids that love to go to there limits and love the thrill of the fast rides. length of the extreme rides tend to be longer. the reason that the rides are longer are because the older kids riding them want them longer cause they expect the ride to be more. the thrill of extreme rides are the rides that are designed for kids that love fast rides. the thrill of these rides will have the kids and riders wanting more. ending Fell thé thrill
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