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Sally Ride

No description

lis lab3

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Sally Ride


Sally Ride was born on May 26, 1951. She was born in Los Angeles.She grew up in Encino a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los-Angeles. Her dad’s name was Dale Ride and mom’s name was Carol Joyce Anderson Ride. She had a sister and her name was Karen Ride. Her dad was a political science professor and mother was a counselor at a women's prison. That was Sally Rides childhood


The schools Sally Ride went to were Stanford University, Harvard West lake school, Swathmore college, and Gaspar-De-Portola Middle School. She got a degree in English and Physics. She also went to space program. She was selected for that in an add in the newspaper she read in the morning.That is Sally's education.

Adult Life
Who or What Influenced Her Life
Sally Ride had a few people and events that influenced her.One is her teachers.IN a interview she said,"I can think of three teachers that were very influential, and there were some events that were very influential.Her father pushed her to academics.Whiched helped her later in life. Those are the people and events that influenced her
3 Adjectives that describe this person
The 3 adjectives I chose are : she is bold,smart,and nice.She is bold,because she went into space that takes guts and boldness. She is smart ,because she chose her life decisions wisely. She is nice,because she was nice enough to encourage kids to science and technology. That is why I think she is bold,smart,and nice.
Fun Facts
Sally Ride was good at tennis and originally wanted to become a tennis player.

She became a teacher later in her life.

She wrote some books after teaching.
Sally Ride
By: Angelica Vellore
Any extra Information
Sally Ride became a teacher after working for NASA.She taught science and engineering.At first she taught at the University Of California Space Institute then to the General public.
Awards and Achiements
One of Sally Ride's achievements is being the first woman in America to go into space. She was also the youngest American astronaut to go into space.She got the medal of freedom from President Barack Obama. Not just the medal of freedom did she earn, but the Presidential medal of freedom.
Sally Ride was married to Steve Hawley. She was the first female astronaut in America.She didn't have any kids but had her sister and parents.She lived in Los Angeles, California. She was an astronaut for NASA.That was Sally's adult life.


.Orr,Tamra. Sally Ride The First American Woman in Space.
New York: The Rosen Publishing Group,Inc,2004

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