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Copy of White Fang

No description

David Clark

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of White Fang

White Fang
Jack London
Prezi by: Sergio Alejo
Main Conflict
The conflict in the story White Fang is and internal conflict. The conflict is that White fang has developed a resentment to humans and other animals and a thought that almost all humans and animals are cruel and vicious.
This problem is resolved overtime when Weedon Scott proves to White Fang that not all humans are cruel. Over time he wins White Fangs trust and that creates a special bond between master and owner. Weedon changes White Fang’s thoughts about humans and White Fang becomes a good, well trained pet.
Exposition- this is when we get introduced to characters such as White Fangs Parents, Kiche and one eye, the life in the wild, and the birth of White Fang
Rising Action- this is when white fang starts to grow up and experiences hatred from other humans and other animals. He also observes the cruel side of man. (Ex: White Fangs life in the indian village and his travels with Grey Beaver)
Climax- when White fang experiences love from a human for the first time. Particularly, the part where Fang almost gets killed by the bulldog during a fight and gets rescued by Weedon Scott.
Falling action- When Fang tries to be obedient and prove to others he has changed( Ex: When Fang puts his life on the line just to protect his masters from the escaped convict)
Conclusion- This Occurs when Fang finally gets accepted by his masters and is cared for.( Ex: When Fang gets nursed back to health after fighting the convict Jim Hall. The women of the home rename him “Blessed Wolf” and becomes the father of collie’s (a sheepdog that lives in the house) puppies.
White Fang- White Fang is the protagonist of the story. When he is born he is gray and very tiny. He is half wolf, half dog. During his puppy life he is loyal to his mom in the wild and curios at times. When he goes to the village, he becomes aggressive because of the rejection of the other dogs. Over time he goes through many situations and eventually finds love in an owner that shows him what love is. White fang is a dynamic and a round character.
Weedon Scott- Weedon Scott is one of the most important characters. He is the person who rescues White Fang and shows him that humans can love too. He is a kind, loving human being who, through patience and understanding, is able to transform White Fang from a wild beast into a civilized animal. He is a kind of a protagonist. He is a round, static character.
She wolf- She wolf is also known as Kiche. She is White Fangs mother. She is very cruel when she is with the pack but when she ends up with one-eye and has her litter of baby wolves she becomes loving and caring. She is described as a big grey wolf with a slight red tint to her fur. She is a dynamic, round character.
This story has many settings.
- the “Northland Wild”: a very cold, icy, and solitary region
- The Indian camp: a point where the stream and the Mackenzie river meet up.
- Sierra Vista: the residence of Weedon Scott. It is a few miles from San Francisco.
Point Of View
This story is in third person point of view. This affects the story in a positive way because it gives the reader a better understanding of what is going on and it makes it easier to follow dialogue
Survival of the fittest is the theme of this story.
- only the strongest cub, White Fang, survived the famine
-Every dog in the indian village was scared of White Fang because he was tough and very intelligent
- he can adapt to every environment he was put through
Book Review:
White Fang is a very well written novel. The novel circles around the life of a young wolf dog and his life growing up. It talks about many hardships he goes through and a series of events that lets the reader create a connection with the story. I believe that this story will be intriguing for many young teenagers as they might be able to relate to some of the events in White fangs life. I would recommend this book to other people because it is easy to follow and understand.
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