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internationaler Handelskaufmann - London

Marcel Ersay

on 28 November 2018

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Transcript of Greenwich

Housing Market in Greenwich
Social Renting
rent from royal borough of Greenwich
must live in council property and use as main home
must inform borough if property is empty for more than 6 weeks
people on waiting list: 11.562
Private Renting
private person, company or charity group
goal is profit maximization
General Information
Edwardian Architecture

Tenure in Greenwich
Buying Properties
average flat price - £ 532.115
Table of Contents
1. General Information
2. Demographic Change
3. Housing Market
a) Types of Renting
b) Buying Properties
c) Architecture
d) Homelessness
4. Conclusion

arose 1965
population 260.068
47,35 km2
18 city districts
101.045 households
GMT 1884
Royal Borough
Demographic Change
Greenwich (census 2011)
Tenure by Employment
Tenure in average London
Greenwich London
average age: 33 36
gender m/f: 49.6/ 50.4 48/ 52
household size: 2.52 2.47
home ownership: 43.3 48.3
employment: 83.9 73.3
London (census 2011)
Renting in Greenwich
Housing Tenures
average income £ 20.146
a fifth of the population has no qualifications
relatively cheap borough
census 2011
average income £ 27.560
17 % of population has no qualifications
Council Housing
right to buy
Housing Association
rent from companies
housing associations are private
non-profit making organizations
trading surplus used to maintain existing housing and help finance new homes
more opportunities to choose from
no waiting list
some landlords work with councils to find property for disabled people
less secure than social housing
often costs more
landlords might not change property that it meets your needs
landlords are not checked to make sure what they're doing
sometimes ask you to find someone as "guarantor"
1 Bedroom - £ 1050 3 Bedroom - £ 1438
2 Bedroom - £1290 4 Bedroom - £ 1993
Average rent prices in Greenwich
26.41 years of work
average house price - £ 940.625
46.69 years of work
popular during reign of King Edward VII
1901 to 1918
lighter colors
rustic bricks
small paned windows
Thomas' Story
Georgian Architecture
named after first four british monarchs
1780 to 1820
symmetrical division
walls painted in single colour
flat roof
Victorian Architecture
called towards Queen Victoria
1837 to 1901
terracotta tiles
warm colours
ornamental and striped stonework




Thomas (homeless person)










all his belongings
the interview
Thomas, Marcel, Nabil
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