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Howdy Lesson- Freshman Seminar

No description

Clark Counseling

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Howdy Lesson- Freshman Seminar

There are 21 specific courses and 5 credits of electives required for graduation on the Recommended Graduation Program.

He found a seat away from the kid who
was bothering him, and started to think
about his day. At least tomorrow’s Saturday
and I’ll get to see dad, he thought. That
would be a bright spot in his day… then he remembered that his dad was out of town,
and he wasn’t going to get to see him until
next weekend. Suddenly he began to feel
very SAD that he wasn’t going to be able
to spend time with his dad.
Freshman Seminar
What in the WORLD does a high school counselor DO, anyway???
Set Goals For Grades
When the kids came back in from recess, it was time for science. Tom was hopeful, because science was his favorite subject, and at least there would be something good about this day! When his teacher gave the directions that they were going to do an experiment, he was excited…. Until she named the groups. Tom would be in a group with Mike, a kid that he didn’t get along with since 1st grade. It was always a bad situation when Tom and Mike tried to work together. He began to feel very WORRIED about how the rest of the day was going to go.
Know the graduation
If you don’t pass any of these specific courses (English, math, science, social studies, etc.), you MUST repeat them.
If you fail a COUPLE of classes, you will be considered a 9th Grader again. This can also jeopardize you graduating on time. Get help BEFORE you fail.

1st Quarter 104 – 94
2nd Quarter 94 – 89
3rd Quarter 89 – 83
4th Quarter 83 – below
(GPA on a 100 point scale)

Once he got to school, he was already feeling pretty bad. He tried to concentrate on his schoolwork so he wouldn’t think about his bad morning. But once he got to math class, things got worse. His teacher was starting something new, and he really didn’t get it. Maybe it was because he was having a hard time concentrating, but he just couldn’t understand how to do the problems. He began to feel very FRUSTRATED with his work. What a terrible day!!!
After a long morning, finally it was lunchtime. At least he could eat his lunch and go play with some friends at recess. When he got to the cafeteria, his best friend Joseph wasn’t there. Another boy told him that Joseph was absent. The other boys that he sat with said there was no room at their table, so he had to sit alone. At recess, he didn’t have anyone to play with. He was feeling very LONELY.
Good Grades Result From…
What if
fail a class?
help with:
Academic Decision




That’s 26
You are starting your GPA right now! Universities want to know what quarter you are in for admissions purposes. Everyone can attend Community Colleges.

Good Grades Result from...
You can have a passing grade but still FAIL a class because of too many absences (State Attendance Law)
You can have NO MORE than 9 absences (whether excused or unexcused) each semester or you have to attend WEDNESDAY SCHOOL to make up absences.
Don’t wait until the last minute to make up hours.
Good Grades Result

YOU Seeking help through tutoring
With your teacher
Tutoring (Room C104)
8am-8:30 Mon-Thurs
Tues-Wed-Thurs 4:15-5:15
Private Tutoring (adult/student tutor list available in counseling office)

Finally, Good Grades
Result From…
Connections class
Being organized and using your planner
Extra-curricular Activities at Clark

Options if you don’t make
the grade (fail a course)…

Summer school or night school (costs time and money). You can also attend ss/ns to get ahead. Must see your counselor for sign up.
Credit retrieval (offered after school or in the summer at no cost). You must qualify and will be contacted.
Repeat the course the following year. There must be an extra space in your schedule.

A positive attitude in the class (even if it is your least favorite subject).
Excellent attendance (if you’re not in school, you can’t learn).
Completing homework and studying in a timely manner – don’t get behind!
Major & minor
problems, whether
social, emotional,
or academic

Academic Decision

In classrooms
In small groups
In the Career Center
In the Counseling Office
Before/After School
During your lunch period
If counselor is unavailable, fill out
“Request to See Counselor Form”
You can E-mail
Parents call or e-mail
Break Down
Counselor Alpha
Marjan Switzer - Head Counselor

Anne Lambert: A - Ch

Javier Proa: Ci - Gom

Deborah Hernandez: Gon - Li

Kristen Guerra: Lj - Pa

Lorna Carr: Pb - Se

Nivia O'Malley: Sf - Z
What does my
look like?
Ms. Hernandez
Gon- Li
Seniors This Year
Mr. Proa
Ci- Gom
Ms. Lambert
A- Ch
Mrs. Switzer
Head Counselor
Mrs. Carr
Pb- Se
Mrs. Guerra
Lj- Pa
Mrs. O'Malley
Sf- Z

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