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Computer Graphics

No description

Randall Brown

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Computer Graphics

Color Considerations Computer Graphics What are "Graphics?" Graphics Vocabulary Graphics Skills Assignment Defined: Images or objects including but not limited to Illustrations, Photographs, Diagrams, Charts, and Shapes that represent, describe, and/or enhance a document or presentation. *Image File Types Microsoft Paint for Windows 7 Basics (including color-picking using the eye dropper) Take a screen shot of this assignment, paste it in a graphics program and save it to your student drive to use during the assignment Mr. Brown Oconee County Middle School Hey!!! THIS IS DIAGRAM!!! A * Resolution *Text Wrapping *Crop * Brightness/Contrast *Sizing & Rotation
Handles * Aspect Ratio Main
Topic Sub Topic 1 Sub Topic 2 Sub Topic 4 Sub Topic 3 .bmp (bitmap)
usually good quality but larger files .jpg
Good format for on-screen viewing using much smaller
file sizes than .bmp .gif
Good for images with fewer colors (illustrations & drawings, small size, but poor format for photographs .png
Good quality, easy to edit individual colors in the image, good for making backgrounds transparent. .tiff
Excellent resolution in a file size much smaller than .bmp Common File Types Review .bmp great quality, large file size .jpg quality good for on-screen viewing, smaller size .png good quality, ok on size, good for transparent backgrounds and editing colors .gif small size, good for illustrations, low quality for photos .bmp good quality but
large file sizes .tif/.tiff good quality, small size Quality or sharpness of an image based on number of pixels per inch or the product of the # of vertical and horizontal pixel counts *Pixels higher pixel count = better resolution and image quality "Picture Element" Smallest identifiable
element of an image Layout settings needed to control how text will display when a graphic is added within or near the text. Common Settings Examples To Use this tool to chop off part of a graphic you don't need or to reshape a graphic to fit the desired dimensions Brightness: How light or dark an image is
Contrast: The difference between light and dark areas in an image Changing Brightness makes ALL areas lighter or darker
Changing Contrast ONLY makes lights lighter and darks darker See why it's important? Sizing Handle lets you drag to make an image larger or smaller.
Rotation Handle lets you turn the image left or right for the desired effect. Ratio of an image's height and width. When locked, these proportions keep the same relationship so the picture doesn't get "stretchy" Color Matching-- varying the shade of a certain color to stay within the same color family Color complements - colors from different families that go well together to create contrast, interest and appeal Mastering color use skills like these adds quality and a professional look to your graphics unlike these examples. How does this color quality compare? Using Microsoft Paint to edit and layer an image to a different background Other simple but useful and cool skills. "Select it to affect it"
Click or click & drag over things you want to edit. Whatever is selected will be affected Shift -Drag Sizing Handle
Maintains aspect Ratio when resizing as well as simplify making perfect circles, squares, etc. Control-Drag -make a quick
copy. A
Using only one shape (square, circle, line, or any shape of your choosing), create a drawing of something recognizable using only that shape. Must demonstrate changes in color fills, line colors & weights, size, and shape of your object B
Find the logo of a real business, copy it and paste into a graphics program, then recreate it using only the graphics program. Must match colors exactly and have the same basic elements and proportions as the original logo. C
Recreate the image below including the exact colors using only a graphics program(zoom in as needed for better viewing). D
In a graphics program, create a graphic exactly 4" high and 6" wide & add a photograph related to a person, place or thing of interest to you, then add the following items which must be colored using a minimum of 2 colors found in the photo:

* A background you create with a minimum of 3 different shapes, exactly 1/2 the width of your entire file with a picture of you (head & shoulders) cutout and framed properly on top of the background.
* A thick-lined matching border around the background with your head & shoulders.
*Title of your creation and Your Name & Period using text
*Demonstrated use of at least 3 different brushes Defined Vocabulary Skills Skip To Please adjust your audio output volume as needed Please adjust your audio output volume as needed Audio included: Adjust Speaker Volume as Needed Audio included: Adjust Speaker Volume as Needed Audio included: Adjust Speaker Volume as Needed Control-Click multiple objects
Select to copy, delete, move, or group
into a single object. Don't know why this line won't delete May experiment with skips later
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