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Conflict of Social Media

No description

Austin Rodriguez

on 12 December 2015

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Transcript of Conflict of Social Media

Conflict of Social Media
Austin Rodriguez
Danielle Norton
Alfonso Vieites
Ronald Holassie
Brandon Selman

Social Media and Collegiate Athletes
-Many athletes misuse social media
-Reporters twist words to create conflict
Meetings to be held should include:
Dos and Don'ts of using social media
How to positively promote their Face
How to handle conflict with outside sources
How to represent their university's Face

This African American male was arrested on May 5th, 2014 for loitering while protesting for gay rights.
This man of Arabic descent works at Guantanamo Bay as the head of translation.
Face is claim to be seen as a certain type of person

The media plays a critical role in how we view society, but social groups above all.
It provides us with definitions about who we are as a nation, reinforces our values, gives us examples of what happened to those who transgress these norms, and change the way we view people.
The roots of inter group conflict lie in the basic human need for "identity"
A major factor in the definition of personal identity is the individuals perception of the social groups or categories he/she belongs to.
For example, saying "I am American." or "I am a lawyer."
The process of group differentiation adds additional communication barriers that prevent people from disproving social categories.
It is important that a business pays attention to the presence of stereotypes in its organization in order to be successful, and keep its most valuable employees.
Businesses should conduct regularly audits that allow a corporation to examine these issues.
This audit will further look into a companies attitude towards its employees.
Conflict on Reality T.V.

Step 1: Analyze Conflict before Action is taken
Step 2: Understand the influence of media on conflict.
Step 3: Understand an audience influence on media and reality television
Overview Goals
Step 4: Responding to conflcit through online media

Mean Tweets
Censorship - The process of blocking and/or suppressing ideas deemed unacceptable or not important.

James Foley
Iraq War

Resolution- Companies should only censor what is available for the workplace. (ex. blocking websites)
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