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T.Rex By: Aidan Graham

No description

Mike Graham

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of T.Rex By: Aidan Graham

Powerful Facts
It's Wieght Is 5 Tons! And 40 Feet In Length And Their Heads Were 4 Feet With Powerful Jaws. Well You Know They Are Already Extinct. Plus Their Diet Is A Carnivore. That Means It Eats Meat.
How Long?

The T-Rex Is Larger Than A School Bus! A T-Rex Is 40 Feet Like I Said And A School Bus Is 37 Feet Long
Naming The Rex
The T-Rex May Have Babies With Feathers all Over! A T-Rex Has About 300 Bones. T-rex's Fossils Have Been Found In Western North America. 1st Fossil Found Of The T-Rex Was By: Barnum Brown In 1902.
Thank you
Fun Facts
The T.Rex Was One Of The Largest Meat-Eating Dino's. The T.Rex Lived In The Area We Call: North America. It Lived around 66 Million Years Ago. One Skull Measured Up To 5 Feet Long!
T.Rex By: Aidan Graham
Going Extinct
For Listening And Watching!
In 1905 Henry Osborne President Of American National History Musuem Named The T-Rex The Tyrannosaurus Rex!!!
There Was A Theory: An Astroid Hit Earth Causing: Huge Fires, An Active Volcano, Tsunamis, Severe Storms With High Winds, And Highly Acidic Rains. The Impact Could Have Caused Chemical Changes In Atmosphere.

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