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Iredell County GIS Mapping

Iredell County GIS Mapping - What We Do

Chris Bridges

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Iredell County GIS Mapping

Iredell County, NC
GIS Mapping Tax Administration and
Land Records ArcMap *Deeds What is GIS? Geographic Information System

-relates the county's data
to places on the Earth

Made up of 5 components:
1. Computer Hardware
2. Computer Software
3. Computer Data
4. Methods and applications
5. People Mapping Tax Parcels GIS & Mapping Online Docs Tax Parcel Maps also known as Cadastral Mapping Websites: Iredell County Homepage GIS Mapping www . co . iredell . nc . us Iredell . ConnectGIS . com *Plats & subdivisions *Wills & Estates Computer Workstations, servers, tablets, smartphones, GPS units ArcGIS Desktop mapping programs, mobile applications, SQL Server databases Parcels, Streets, Addresses, Emergency Districts, Taxing Districts, Zoning Districts geoprocessing procedures and applications of the technology map viewers, public citizens, other agencies, staff
map and data editors, County employees, specialized and analytical technicians
administrators who make the system components work and function properly Various recorded legal documents Register of Deed's Office Clerk of Court other official docs Land Records Districts & Overlays Various base map
layers and overlays Mapping Tax Listing & Assessing Billing & Collections Esri ArcGIS ArcCatalog ArcToolbox desktop Public access Bounds Metes & Coordinates Surveys software Elections
Fire Dept
E911 & ECOM
Planning & Zoning
Sheriff's Office
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