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Shopping at Meijer.

No description

yangting wangy

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Shopping at Meijer.

clothing and jewelry shoes gloves
jacket hat
scarf belt
tie wallet
Jean necklace
handbag ring 1. How to find things in different sections Make your own dialogue Choose one item you would like to buy. Work with your partner. One being the employee and the other being the customer.
Situation:The customer is trying to find where he/she can buy the item, how much is the item, and make a decision at the end. The employee need to help the customer finding the item and sell the item. Complete a dialogue. Employee: How can I help you?
Customer: (Excuse me) I'm looking for...
I can't find...
Can you tell me where the cream is?
Employee: Yes/Sure/Certainly, it's in the skin care section. next to/close to/near/across from the cheese sections. Let me show you. Here it is.
Customer: Oh, thank you.
Employee: You're welcome, have a nice day! Shopping at Meijer Health and beauty
Clothing and jewelry
Furniture and home
Electronics Goals be able to use sentences to shop at different sections at meijer
be able to appropriately use the words or phrases while shopping at meijer 1. How to find things in different sections 1. How to find things in different sections (health and beauty, clothing, jewelry, furniture, home, electronics.) introduction of vocabulary, sentences you can use to ask and answer questions. 2. review words and sentences that are related to price, sections (how much is it? where can I find...? It's in...section. It's near/next to/close to...section) Health and beauty Fragrance: women's perfume, men's cologne
Hair care: hair dryer, hair straightener, shampoo, conditioner Vitamins and nutritions: vitamin A-Z, fish oil (heart health)

skin care: hand lotion, body lotion, cream, facical cleanser, hand soap, hand sanitizer, sunscreen Health and beauty Furniture and home Electronics Camera
Phone Listening exercise a girl is going shopping and she wants to buy a gift for her father
brown leather wallet.
design listen to the main idea and pay attention to the phrases the sentences they use while shopping.
1. What is the main idea of the listening ?
2. What are the sentences and phrases used in the listening? Listen again and answer the following questions (handout) 1. What is the girl shopping for?
2. How much is the black wallet?
3. Why doesn't the girl like the brown wallet?
4. About how much does the girl have to spend?
5. What does the girl decide to buy? http://www.esl-lab.com/shop1/shoprd1.htm http://www.esl-lab.com/shop1/shoprd1.htm couch=sofa
microwave oven
refrigerator In this class Be able to explain the definition of vocabulary words related to shopping (health and beauty, clothing and jewelry, furniture and home, electronics.)
Be able to use sentences to find things you need while shopping.
Be able to classify the words into four categories. (health and beauty, clothing and jewelry, furniture and home, electronics.) Phrases we can use while shopping -Hi, how can I help you?/How may I help you?-I’m looking for...”/“Excuse me, Where can I find..."/"I need help finding..."/"I can't find... Can you help me?” /“-It’s in the ____ section, next to/close to/near/across from the____section.-follow me, here it is.-How much is it?-Which one?-the black/small one.-It’s...
-It’s too expensive for me, do you have a cheaper one?
-Yeah, this one is..., much cheaper.
-OK, I’ll take it.
-Thank you
-You’re welcome. Words we learned today (handout 3) transcripts What is this?
this is a/an... listen and match the number to the picture 1 2
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