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Sprint Services Presentation

No description

Katie Petty

on 5 January 2011

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Transcript of Sprint Services Presentation

Time Line
Walk In Store Service Standards and Scripts
Front Stage Back Stage Physical Evidence
Line of Interaction
Contact Person (Visible Actions) Contact Person (Invisible Actions) Line of Visibility
Line of Internal Physical Interaction Line of Internal IT Interaction Response Time
Script for Greeting Customers Sound and Tone of Voice
Interior Building Atmosphere
Appearance of Employee Greet Customer, Answer Questions, Provide Information Find Solution to the problem,
Check availability of phones
or service plans Maintain service database
Update inventory
Maintain or rent facilities
Store display preparation Maintain service database
Update inventory
Maintain or rent facilities
Store display preparation Information Gathering Time
Script for Sprints Plans/ Services Monthly Services/ Current Promotions
Staff, Other Customers
Display of Promotional Posters plus news phones Assist Customer in Decision Process, Knowledge of Customer Rep. Training of Customer Rep in Products and Plans Provided Selecting A Phone Time
Customer Selection of Phone
Phone Activation
Selections of Phone on Display
Division of Phone Characteristics: Touchscreen, Camera, PDA/Smartphone, Mobile Broadband Knowledge of the phone attributes Maintain service database
Update inventory
Store display preparation Selecting A Plan Time
Script for Sprints Plans/ Services Monthly Services/ Current Promotions Technology Used to Assist Customers in Selection of Plan Explanation of Selected Plan/Service
Enters Information in the Computer Looks up availability of phone in inventory database Maintain service database
Display Offers Payment Script of Presentation
Receipt Format/ Accuracy
Receipt and Printed Document Ask Customer To Sign Document, Take Card/ Cash, Give Receipt Validate Payment, Finalize Transaction Maintain service database
Update inventory
Maintain or rent facilities
Store display preparation Mobile Coverage Begins Activation of the Cellular Device/ Service
Assisting Customer with Phone Device Phone Ability to Make and recieve calls Answer any final questions, Provide Additional Information as Requested
Assist Customer to Transferring Contacts to New Phone Maintain service database
Update inventory
Maintain or rent facilities
Store display preparation Follow Up Customer Service Greeting
Customer Needs
Help Desk
Computer systems
Storefront Ask how to help,Ask what is the problem,Look at phone and features Diagnose problem, refer to employee training as to solution, diagnose software problems Maintain service database
Update inventory
Maintain or rent facilities
Store display preparation Customer Records
Billing and Payment
Inventory/Purchases Mobile Service Database Database The Now Network W W W W W W F F F F F F F F F Sprint currently has 48.9 million users Last year, they lost 2.16% of their customers to either Verizon or AT&T Research suggests that there will be 365.7 million mobile users by the year 2014.
Verizon's marketshare will increase from 31.9% to 36.5
AT&T's will increase from 29.5% to 33.0%
Sprint's marketshare is expected to decline to an all time low of 7.4% But why is this happening? Sprint has been listed as being one of the worst customer service companies in the past few years
Common Complaints:
Unfriendly staff
Lack of product knowledge
Non-Reachability of Service
Issues are not resolved
Rebate Fraud
Billing Mistakes Employees have a slow response time greeting customers, or are busy with other customers ignores customer, does not provide information Employees are not adequately trained, and cannot resolve customer problems Phones are not available in stores because inventory has not been updated Service coverage fails because customer is out of coverage reach or is not accurately put into customer and mobile coverage database Customer needs are not assessed by employees in a timely manner, causes long lines and waiting when there are multiple customers in the store at one time Problems are inaccurately diagnosed, problem goes unresolved, employee actions to resolve issue is deemed unsatisfactory by customer Ways to Fix It Many times, these customer service failings happen several times throughout the service process. Let's see how they affect the initial purchase of a Sprint cell phone and Sprint mobile service Seasonal or part-time employees can be hired to decrease cutomer flow during peak periods. improve hiring and training process by implementing better human resource practices: personality tests and on-the-job training Decrease inventory shortages by improving inventory tracking systems using Point-of-Sale or RFID. Build more service towers in low service areas Cross train employees to perform multiple duties Employ experts on technological specialties to increase product knowledge and optimize service Provide the option for customers to make in-store appointments which will decrease in store waiting times and demand How will these measures improve Sprint's overall service? Wait and Fail Points Empowering employees to make their own decisions about how to resolve customer issues will give Sprint employees a better sense of value in the work place and ultimately lead to more effective customer service. Improved Customer service will decrease switching of consumers to other mobile service providers Empowering employees will increase customer service and make Sprint Customers feel as though they are truly valued by the Sprint Corporation. Concentrating on customer needs will move Sprint's focus from products and services to a focus on customer satisfaction, and therefore give Sprint a competitive advantage over their competitors. A reduction in dropped calls and an increase in the total service area will cause an increase in consumers and Sprint's overall market share for cellular service. Any Questions? Jared Alspach Anne D
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