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Social Deviance

On Martin Luther King Jr.

Jordan Deutsch

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Social Deviance

You Decide Good Or Bad Social Deviance Good or Bad The fact state of departing from usual or accepted standards, esp. in social behaviors Why is he a social deviant? Martin Luther King Jr. When Martin questioned other peoples morals he should have questioned his own.. What happened in the process? Yes we questioned his morals but what really should we look at? What Martin Luther King Jr. did to help people Did Martin Luther King Jr. do a good thing? Martin Luther King Jr. is a social deviant for many reasons. Starting with, He went against every law to try and make things better for the colored people and everyone that was discriminated against. Martin wanted everyone to have equal power regardless of the color of their skin or the age. Secondly, He went against the morals of people just to try and stop all the whites on what he felt was wrong. Why should Martin Luther King question the morals of white people and people of discrimination when he should be questioning his own morals in the process. -While Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to make change in colored peoples lives he also was risking peoples lives in the process. He didn't think about riots that would be starting and people who would be thrown in jail for the "better good". Yes he wanted freedom from discrimination but look at what happened in the process.
-Yes we want people to stand up for their rights
-Yes we should want change and everyone should be treated equal. But we should not put the lives of people on the line.
-Why would a man like Martin Luther King Jr. allow peoples lives? Also, not to mention the affairs he had in the whole background noise. Martin Luther King Jr. did not intentionally put peoples lives in danger for the better good of the project. He was a good man and made a lot of changes for the better of all colored men and women, and for himself. He let the world see what was really happening behind the scenes of how "blacks" felt when "whites" got everything better. He really did care for everyone no matter what is said. Even though he put peoples lives in danger and he had affairs is he really at fault when he saved the way people are treated?
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