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Maddy Wailes Fahrenheit 451

No description

Maddy Wailes

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Maddy Wailes Fahrenheit 451

Maddy Wailes
Miss Gottner Grant
28 March 2013
Pre AP Eng. 10 P4 Character Profile: Mildred Montag Basic Statistics Physical Characteristics In the novel Fahrenheit 451 Mildred Montag's apperance symbolizes the society in which the characters live and contradicts the physical and mental characteristics of Clarisse McClellan. Her abnomrally white flesh and chemically burned hair symbol the artificial society in which they live and ultimately symbolizes her own shallow being. Mildred's apperance also supports the idea of her shallowness and mediocity, making her the opposite of Clarisse who symbolizes truth, true happiness, and clarity. Personality Attributes and Attitudes Intelligence Level: When reading this book, we're led to believe Mildred is not extremely intelligent
Presence of Mental Illness: Mildred has no presence of mental illness, however I personally believe she is very depressed
Preceptions: Mildred is preceived as a mindless, shallow person who drowns herself in the technology around her
Emotion: Mildred numbs her emotions and chooses not to feel anything at all. She doesn't want to feel pain, therefore she feels nothing in exchange. Name: Mildred Montag
Age: 30 years old
Nationality: American
Current Residency: Ray Bradbury doesn't specifically indicate when or where Fahrenheit 451 takes place but we do know the setting takes place in a large American city
Talents/Skills: Mildred spends most of her time entranced by her sea shells or engulfed in her television.
Spouse: Guy Montag
Relationship Skills: Mildred quite obviously numbs and burries her emotions. Her sea shells and television serve as a good distraction from her feelings Emotional Characteristics Mildred Montag's emotional being is hard to pin point. Through out the entire book Mildred quite obviously burries her emotions and chooses not to feel anything at all. This became the most evident to me when Mildred attempted suicide by over dosing on sleeping piles. After the over dose, she acted as though everything was completely normal and she was fine, even though most people would be shocken up and facing some serious problems. Instead of feeling her emotions Mildred decides to distract herself with all the technology present in her society. Ultimately, Mildred creates a shallow emotional being for herself. Involvment in the Story Role in Novel: Mildred does play an important role in Fahrenheit 451. She symbolizes the society in which the characters live and is a good indication to what the rest of the citzen are like. Mildred also plays a part in Montag's relization of his unhappiness.

Relationship w/ other characters: Mildred doesn't have much real interaction with other people in the book because she is always focused on her technology. The most interaction she has is with Montag and the growing distance between them.
Conclusion Through out all of Fahrenheit 451 Mildred Montag sybolizes shallowness and nunbness. Her emotions are burried so far down inside of her she doesn't even appear to be human. Ultimately I think Mildred portarys the society in which the characters live and what our society has the very real potensial of turning in to. Through out my presentation I tried to touch on the important aspects of Mildred and the significants I thought they held. My main objective was to create a better understanding of Mildred and what she sybolizes and does in the story. Introduction:
In this presentation I will be introducing Mildred Montag, spouse of Guy Montag. I will be touching on her emotional and physical being and how both of those elements help better symbolize the story as a whole.
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