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First Colonial Football Exercise Guide Senior Project

By: Randall Wilson

Randall Wilson

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of First Colonial Football Exercise Guide Senior Project

First Colonial Football Exercise Guide 2010 My Goal I wanted to create a manual for any prospective student athletes to show them all the steps needed to make the football team at FC. I focused on off-season preparation for football. Success on the field is directly proportional to how much time and effort is put into off-season training. In my manual I included weight training, condition, and nutrition. I focused on the weight training since I consider my self somewhat of an expert. Each exercise was illustrated. I showed how to perform the exercise and how it helps develop the muscles and skills used in football. The conditioning aspect included running exercises used by the coaches at FC. I concluded with a nutritional sample meal plan. Many high school athletes neglect thier nutrtition, but it can account for 90% of performance. My Obstacles Where to start Priorities Regular Classes Community Service Laziness and Time Management Putting it all Together Organization My Paper My paper was about the meals served at U.S. public schools. I explain how unhealthy the majority of public school food is. Schools lack funds so the cheaper foods are ussually the least healthy foods. I explain the ways unhealthy foods effect our youth. My paper includes the laws on this issue and future law making that will soon change things. My project shows the importance of nutrition for student athletes, but every adolescent should be aware of what they eat, especially at school. Thesis
Although some may say public schools are not able to afford the more expensive yet healthier food, public school needs to be reformed because public school food is lacking essential nutrients adolescents require for proper growth, the food has negatively affected the mental and physical performance of the U.S. youth, and has increased childhood obesity and its associated diseases. My Growth Making a plan and sticking to it Self-Reliance Less Procrastination Realizing my true potential Turning school work into fun work No Excuses Finishing what I have started Wrapping Everything Up Questions, Anyone?
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