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French Broad River Basin

No description

Danielle Middleton

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of French Broad River Basin

French Broad River Basin The basin is home to a long area of forested areas, and within the area, there are a few rare and exotic plants in the growth.

The Most notable would be the Pink Bed flower. It grows in the wetlands of the basin, and is considered a threatened species. It is a part of the Lily family. UNIQUE PLANT LIFE There are many different things to do at the French Broad! Each member of the group can have fun and enjoy the visit.
White water rafting
Waterfall jumping
And many picturesque landscapes and views to capture Recreational Activities The overall water quality of the river basin is good, considering there was once a huge non-point pollution from bleach being dumped near by. But there are still some problems with non-point pollution from croplands for vegetables, urban developments, and dairy corporations. Pollutants include
Heavy Metals
Animal waste
Eroded Sediment Water Quality Along with the wildlife and plant life, The French Broad also has astounding views.

The Rock Window is an area of faulted and folded rocks of the hot spring forms a "window", allowing you to see sedimentary rock. Other earthly attractions include Paint Rock and Lovers Leap.
Formations along the basin French Broad River Basin By Danielle Middleton Population size-329906 (as of 2000)
Size of FBRB-2830 square miles, ranking 9th in size.
Main tributaries- The Mills, Davidson, and Swannanoa rivers.
Has multiple unnamed tributaries
flows through 8 counties.
Largest city- Asheville, North Carolina
General Information about the FBRB Unique Animals reside among the French Broad Many unique animals and insects live in and near the French Broad. Some examples of this include:
A 9 inch salamander called the common Mudpuppy,only found at this particular river basin in North Carolina.
A distinctive turtle known as the Eastern Spiny Softshell
The rare aquatic Hellbender, living through out the French Broad.
The Hellbender Spiny Softshell Turtle The Pink Bed Lily In conclusion, that is all you need to know about the French Broad River Basin! Mount Mitchell
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