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SCORE - Organise Your Thinking

Exploring the O and how it makes an IMPACT

Cassandra Sheekey

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of SCORE - Organise Your Thinking

Project 600 Reading Strategies SCORE Reading Strategies Organising your thinking to help you make sense of a text At this stage of applying SCORE, the reader is guided by their predictions around subject and genre as well as identified words signalling comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution, description, list or sequence to help organise their knowledge and thinking about a text. Lists. Some people like to make lists. So What is a Strategy? A strategy is a plan to help you achieve something. So reading strategy helps you to achieve understanding of the text. Another word for understanding is comprehension. It helps you to make the meaning of the text clear. SCORE Framework Organising your thinking How can we organise our thinking? Organising It helps you to see the connections you are making in a text. ... plus teacher questioning! Graphic Organisers T-Bars / Venn Diagrams Flow Charts Sheena Cameron, 2009 Brainstorming Some people like to brainstorm their ideas and write down all the thoughts that come to mind. What to do now... Mind Mapping Some people like the concept of a mind map where their ideas are sorted and separated based on categories. Activity Try using some of these to organsie your thoughts and ideas. The topic which you will be thinking about is based on your homework. You will be thinking about different types of heroes (both real and fictional). It helps you to understand how you read. There are many ways in which you can organise your thinking, but how you organise your thinking may not be the same way as someone else in the class. Why? Because we all think in different ways. Some people think logically and linear, others are more creative and visual in organising their thoughts and ideas Some like to use graphic organisers to help make sense of the information Remember that you can use whatever organisational method is best for you. You have a couple of minutes.
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