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Carolina J

on 12 September 2014

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Child Policy

Yesenia Davila
Carolina Jaime
Jessie Prichard
Natalia Vasquez

When did the problem start?

The problem arose soon after the formation of the
People’s Republic of China
in 1949.

This new government wanted to keep the population around
600 million
and no more.

The country began advertising contraceptives in hopes to control the birth rate, but that wasn’t enough.

After the famine of 1959-1961, the government went at it again, this time creating the first national
Family Planning Office in 1964

The policy was still unofficial at this time, but there was a drop in fertility rates.

When Mao Zedong, leader of People’s Republic of China, died
Deng Xiaoping took over
and officially implemented the
One Child Policy on Sept. 25, 1980

A policy implemented by the Chinese government as a method of controlling the population. It mandated that couples can only have one child.

The One Child Policy was created by Deng Xiaoping soon after the formation of the People’s Republic of China in

The policy became official in

The policy limits couples to only one child, maybe two if the first was disabled or a girl.

The consequences of breaking this law are severe:
serious fines, sterilization, or forced abortion.

What is the policy?

The central government of China implemented the One Child Policy as a way to reduce their rapidly increasing population.

There were too many people and not enough food.

By 1970 China’s population exceeded the 800 million mark.

This policy was only meant to be temporary, but it still holds today 34 years later.

Why and Where?

Chairman Mao
attempted to begin to control the population, but he went about it as a guideline.

When Chairman Mao died in 1976,
Deng Xiaoping
succeeded him.

Xiaoping set up a
program in 1978 encouraging families to have no more than two children. Soon it became one child.

The National Population and Family Planning Commission (NPFPC) is now headed by Chairman
Li Bin
Who started it?
This relates to injustice in
way possible.

Women who do have another child secretly are subjected to
forced abortion

The couple may have to get

The secret children who make it technically
do no exist

The One Child Policy violates the following rights:

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 5
Article 7
Article 13

Article 15
Article 16
Article 22
Article 23
Article 25
Article 26

Chairman Mao
Deng Xiaoping
Li Bin
Gong Qifeng diagnosed with schizophrenia
Affects lives of people
Boys were preferred over girls because they were thought to have brought the strength, wealth, and blessing to the family while girls were just a burden.


Population had increased tremendously so the Chinese government instituted this policy to lower population rates.

China commits over $708.8 million each year toward birth control programs

Economic reality
Social Aspect

34 years later....

As of December of 2013, China’s National People’s congress allow couples to have
two children
if both parents were an
only child

Wujian talked about the traumatic events that unfolded before her eyes.
She was pregnant in the winter of 2004 and the Family Planning Police went to her house, threw her in a van, drugged her, and sent her to the hospital to have an abortion.
Case Study-Wujian
Difficult for men to find women to marry
Ratio of 140 : 100 boys to girls
“bare branches”
- prostitution
- kidnapping
- human trafficking

Because of this policy, millions of women are subjected to forced abortion if they chose to defy the law.
Photos of 23-year-old Feng Jianmei lying on a hospital bed next to her aborted seven-month-old baby were posted online and drew widespread condemnation and prompted calls to eliminate the one-child policy.
37 Seconds- All Girls Allowed
on sons!
Current response
Although the leaders of the policy designated a “temporary measure,” it still continues a quarter-century after it was created.

Many people think the One-Child Policy is a law, however it is just a policy that is heavily enforced by the system of punishments. Punishments range from extreme fines,to babies being killed.
What is being done
to solve the problem?
Lately many people have been spreading the concept of China’s One Child Policy around for others to hear the injustice and make a stance. We consider a solution to be adoption, which is what we are doing right now. The U.S adopts many babies from China, mostly girls. We are trying to stop abortions and bring in babies from China so they can live a safer and happier life.
What has been done in the past to solve this social injustice?
A large-scale movement has now emerged in China to force the government to alter radically, if not entirely abandon, the one-child policy.

Since 1985, softening of policy and relaxing of requirements for second birth has occurred.

By 2001, a large majority of provinces relaxed the conditions for a second birth.
What is the world/government/organizations response to the problem?
There are many organizations helping China's One Child Policy. Such as All Girls Allowed:
This organization is designed to educate the world about China's One Child Policy. It is also set up to encourage Chinese families to keep their babies and to not abort or abandon their children. One way this organization helps is by giving a chinese family a baby shower.
What are the implications globally, nationally, or locally?
25% of the population
3.7 billion lives
Decision is made by only a handful
U.S. was supposed to have One-Child policy

Two-Child Policy
Enforce Contraceptives
Improvement of Economy
Women are
and put through
harsh conditions
The rest of the world
doesn't want
the One-Child policy

Why Haven't They Been Effective?
China's One-Child policy
the solution
Implement the one-child policy in the rest of the world
Past Solutions:
Learn from China's mistake and make a lesson out of it
Donate to Women's Rights Without Frontiers
Join All Girls Allowed
Use contraceptives or choose adoption
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