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My local GNC: 5 ways to make me love your store

Assignment Two: Observation Lab

Elizabeth Zammit

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of My local GNC: 5 ways to make me love your store

Let your customers KNOW! this... After some careful observation around the store and some research on your website, I learnt that.... GNC employs qualified naturopaths, nutritionists, dieticians and sports specialists who are available for FREE personalised health advice!!! Who would've known? However.... So suggestion 1.... Suggestion 2: fill you shelves with product so that it looks like this.... and NOT Suggestion 3: Provide information about natural health & well-being products... Your potential customers may be interested in more than just your body building powders! Suggestion 4: Move the sale table to the back of the store and DON'T make it your feature table unless.... you can make it look more appealing than this... Suggestion 5: Provide motivational quotes or helpful hints on ways to boost energy, detox, or lose weight on a blackboard or display board to draw attention & generate interest in your products 5 small ways... To make one BIG difference! Walking past my local GNC
I see this.... Which makes me think of.... Empty shelves look sad :( 5 ways to make me visit my local GNC (General Nutritional Centre) like this!
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