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The Social Impact of Computer Technology

Computer Ethics

Derrick Bonn

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Social Impact of Computer Technology

The Social Impact of Computer Technology By Derrick Bonn & Adrian Steffen What is Computer Ethics? Ethics has been defined as
the code or set of principles by which people live. Ethics is what is considered to be right and what is considered to be wrong As more people begin working and playing at
home through their computers, will isolation and
impersonalization become big problems? Items of Discussion Blizzard Entertainment - World Of Warcraft
Microsoft - Xbox Live
Mobile Devices

How the companies use the services to make money. World of Warcraft Originally started in 1994 as Humans vs Orcs
Current iteration (Warcraft IV) started in 2004
Massively mulitplayer online role playing game
Subscription Based
Patches/expansions occur frequently

To keep people coming back? Is WoW addicting? People enjoy playing in their parties
Develop online relationships
Have a sense of belonging developed World of Warcraft continued... As of 2008, Blizzard reported
Over 2 million subscribers in Europe
over 2.5 million subscribers in North America
Over 5.5 millions subscribers in Asia We can assume there are a lot more subscribers now Xbox Live The original XBox was released in November 2001
Xbox Live was released in early 2002
Xbox live currently offers: Xbox Live...addicting? As of February 2010, Microsoft reported 23 million subscribers
With all of the integrated features, the device is rarely turned off
With all of the available retail and arcade games, everyone can be good at something Achievements reward players when they complete something in game What do Blizzard and microsoft have in common? Use techniques to create games that are addicting
Create alter egos People live different lives in alternate realities
People behave differently online and off
Fewer repercussions Stereotype: Gamers are awkward!!
Keep in mind, they are businesses Time for some math 10 million customers * 20/month/customer = $200,000,000
That's without buying the subscription!
Let's assume customers = subscribers
10 million subscribers * 15/month = $150,000,000
Assuming there are new subscribers every month the total
is $350,000,000 per month excluding expansions. World of warcraft xbox live
23 million subscribers * $8 per month = $184,000,000 per month
This does not include the price to rent movies, use Netflix
add game add-ons or the price of the xbox itself
Between the two, they have over $500,000,000 per month Facebook Has more than 400 million active users
More than 35 million update their statuses each day
The average user spends 55 minutes per day logged onto Facebook
There are more than 500,000 applications available for the facebook platform
more than 250 of those applications have more than 1 million active users per day.
Mobile devices At the end of 2009, ITU estimated that 4.6 billion people have a cell phone (current global population is close to 7 billion).
With the current OS offerings, the market is ever expanding:
iPhone OS
Windows Mobile
many more... Technology as a need More and more of these companies are using these services for advertising (Facebook, Admob on iPhone and Android)

A lot of people claim that they can't live without their technology.

What would you do without a cellular phone? The argument Are people becoming more unsociable?

Is it ethical for a company to use this to their advantage?
Some people meet others online
Work gets done over the phone
Source of entertainment What do you think? - People go out less
- people are awkward when faced with a real
-Sunlight please!!!
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