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France's Contributions To canadian HISTORY

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Riya Singh

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of France's Contributions To canadian HISTORY

Here is an Image of the most famous landmark in France/Paris
A Garden in France
Shops (Forever 21)
Fast food restaurant's
Famous land mark
Fun Facts:
French cuisine is well known in Quebec, with it's exquisite pasterys
and bakeries... These bakeries sell food such as:
1) Crosant
2) Bread
3) Pasteries
4) Cakes
and much more exquisite things.

France doesn't have much famous main courses, but they do have very delightful snacks and breakfast foods to eat. Like the ones listed above.
French is spoken in Quebec (In Canada), but in all sorts of countries (around the world) and provence's (in Canada) speak it too such as:
3)New Brunswick
4)Nova scotia

These places in Canada is where they speak French. French in Canada is only spoken in 6 provence's. French the first or second official language is some/most of these provence's.

France's Contributions To canadian HISTORY
France settlers
I would like to share this video
with you guys!
The Reason I showed this video is,
because France/ the language french
is important in Canada for various reasons.
This video was dedicated for the french canadian
who are know living in all sorts of places in Canada. French canadians are from France (likely) and are here from the reasons from the past. Today I would like to share with you why the french canadians are here today living in Canada, and the history of How France contributed in canadian HISTORY.
1) The first European settlers in Canada were from France

2) Canada's total population of just french canadians is "5,174,050" ( can you believe it)!

3) Religion: Cathlolic

That's All the fun Facts I got for You!!!!
I Give Credits to these websites
The first European settlers in Canada were French. In a new land and exposed to the North American environment and the native peoples, they were gradually transformed into Canadiens. After the conquest of 1760 Canadiens had to share their land with the British who in turn became Canadians. They called themselves Canadiens français, (French Canadians), after 1820. Although most people continued to call themselves Canadiens, the labels “French-Canadian” and “French Canada” spread after 1840. We still hear these terms used today, especially by anglophones (English speaking person). They are anachronisms, however, given the historical developments that have caused French Canada to disappear as a cultural group entity in the latter half of the twentieth century.
and aboriginals
( some History )
The French were the first Europeans to permanently colonize what is now Quebec, parts of Ontario, Acadia, and select areas of Western Canada. Their colonies of New France (also commonly called Canada) stretched across what today are the Maritime provinces, southern Quebec and Ontario, as well as the entire Mississippi River Valley.

The first permanent European settlements in Canada were at Port Royal in 1605 and Quebec City in 1608 as fur trading posts. The territories of New France were Canada, Acadia (later renamed Nova scotia), and Louisiana. In the inhabitants of Canada called themselves the Canadiens, came mostly from northwestern France.[25] In the early inhabitants of Acadia, (or Acadiens) came mostly, but not exclusively from the Southwestern region of France. Canadien explorers and fur traders would come to be known as coureurs des bois, while those who settled on farms in Canada would come to be known as habitants.

The French canadians originally came for trades and goods of such sorts, but they ended up colinizing ( settling / or controlling ) parts of canada, which was fine, because it made a mark/ province for the french canadians who live in Quebec today.
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