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fad diets

No description

Lindsey Martinez

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of fad diets

Exploring the World of Fad Diets: Facade or Facts?
A healthy diet can help reduce:
Edelman, C., Kudzma, E., & Mandle, C. (2014) Health Promotion throughout the Lifespan (pp. 265-266). St. Louis, MI: Elsevier.

Jacobson, M. T. (2013). HCG for Weight Loss. In WebMD.com. Retrieved from


Goryeb Children’s Hospital (Photographer). (2014). Eating Disorders [digital image]. Retrieved from http://www.atlantichealth.org/goryeb/our+services/eating+disorders/

How to take it?
A synthetic form of the hormone is either injected or taken orally as drops

supplement is intended to rest and increase the person's metabolism
What is the diet plan?
taking hCG in combination with a 500 calorie daily diet for a time frame of 8 weeks

said to yield a weight loss of at least 1lb per day
Daily diet
2 meals a day:
Additional info:
Meat must be broiled or grilled no visible fat

No butter

No oil

No sugar
Human chorionic gonanadotropin
hormone produced by the placenta in pregnant women

controls metabolic functions
hCG Diet
What is it?
one protein
one vegetable
one fruit
one bread
1TBSP of milk
What's wrong with it?
Not know how (or if ) hCG actually works or if it is just the weight loss from the 500 calorie diet

No maintenance stage - How do you keep the weight off after the 8 weeks?

Exercise is not recommended

The body needs about
1800 calories
a day to maintain health this diet cuts that amount to less than one third.

Berardi, Ph.D. The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet (The Huffington Post).


Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity. (n.d.). Retrieved October 11, 2014, from http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/leading-health-indicators/2020-lhi-topics/Nutrition-Physical-Activity-and-Obesity

Nix, S. (2013) Williams’ Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy (pp. 90-91). St. Louis, MI: Elsevier.
The basics is consuming a “primal” diet, going back in time and taking eating habits from our ancestors 10,000 years ago, a hunter-gatherer approach.

Like other fad diets, it is appealing with promises of “fat loss, more energy or clearer skin” and the trend is everywhere (Berardi, J).

Heart disease
High blood pressure
some cancers
Diet should consist of a variety of foods:
(make at least half intake whole grain)
(saturated and trans)
Helpful tool:
What is it?
Cohort 11 AP-BSN
Sept 2014
University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing

Lance Potter
Rhianna Roberts
Lindsey Martinez
Christine Trammell
Some cons to the Paleo diet:
John Berardi, Ph.D. makes an interesting point, “My biggest concern is this: A one-size-fits all ‘best diet’ approach doesn’t work.”

The problems with Paleo
: The diet recommends excluding all dairy products, legumes, and grains.
Although Paleo encourages substitutions with nondairy consumption, it doesn’t seem to add up. “For example, half a cup of chopped kale has 47 mg of calcium, whereas 8 oz. of skim milk contains 302 mg.”(Nix, Chapter 8, 2013)
This diet would be particularly difficult to meet the dietary requirements for a vegetarian, for example from (Nix, Chapter 2, 2013), “Grains and Legumes help to balance one another with regard to accumulations of all indispensable amino acids.”
This presentation was prepared as an assignment for a course.
Paleo encourage a change to the base of our diet
they suggest:

Animals (lean meats)
Animal Products (Eggs and honey)
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
Raw nuts and Seeds
Added Fats ( coconut oil, avocado, butter, ghee)

In comparison to American’s current dietary intake Paleolithic humans consume:

3 times more produce
More: Fiber, Protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals.

According to Nix, Chapter 8, “Good health is not a simple matter, and our bodies are no simple machines. They require lots of nutrients to function properly, and these must be provided by the diet. One of the major minerals that is need by our body is calcium.” American diets have changed, we are eating out more, substituting milk for sugary drinks and diets seems to cut dairy out completely. The best source of calcium is dairy products and calcium-rich food provide our body with necessary nutrients such as: Vitamins A, B12, and D, Magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin and phosphorus
(Nix, Chapter 8, 2013).
Following this presentation the learner will have increased knowledge of nutritional needs and understand healthy methods of dieting by describing three components of a healthy diet.
Empower individuals to make smart decisions by being able to identify pros and cons of current trending diets.
Healthy People 2020
According to Healthy People 2020,"Most Americans do not eat a healthful diet...fewer than 1 in 3 adults eat the recommended amount of vegetables each day. As a result of these behaviors, the Nation has experienced a dramatic increase in obesity."
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