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How Did Leonardo Da Vinci Influence the World Today?

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Zach Harrington

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of How Did Leonardo Da Vinci Influence the World Today?

How Did Leonardo Da Vinci Influence the World Today?
What He Was Known For.
He was only known to be one of the greatest thinkers in known history. And was really noticed after his death, he was known to be many things as well, Leonardo Da Vinci was an engineer, painter, architect, mathematician, sculptor, anatomist, inventor, cartographer, geologist, and botanist. He had used these skills to create inventions and contraptions that were used for military, flight and aircraft, and many others.
How His Inventions Influenced the World
Since he had created many inventions such as the parachute, armored car, and even the triple barrel cannon, though there are many inventions that Da Vinci had created at that time but some where lost in the process. But his inventions not only military weapons and vehicles and as well as Aircraft, he influenced and gave people today the inspiration and imagination to create and expand more on his inventions and contraptions.
Other Influences from Da Vinci
Much of what Da Vinci did that changed the world didn't become fully realized until well after his death. His designs for an airplane, helicopter, parachute, and bicycle weren't fully appreciated and noticed until some hundreds of years later. But his art today was a great influence and inspired many artist at this time and will be known in history.
For many years Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions and contraptions have been expanded by other inventors and artists then and even now. He was known to be a thinker with endless amount of imagination and creation that would be used for many centuries and the expansion of his inventions will only get better over the time, He has Influenced the world from inventions, to art, and to Science.
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