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The We-box-it original triangular prism box

No description

Eddie Zhou

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of The We-box-it original triangular prism box

The We-box-it original triangular prism box

By Cloe Maurer and Eddie Zhou
open product package
product package
open product package with product
Pictures of product package and product
Package Data
The equation we did was (7x8=56) divided by 2 then x 9.

The formula was base x height divided by 2 then x depth.
The weight of an empty product package is 120 grams or 0.264 pounds.
The weight of the product package with the 10 products inside is about 4.5 kl or 10.264 pounds.
The package is 252 cubic units.
Shipping Box Data
4,032 cubic units is the volume of the shipping box.
108 in.
84 in.
96 in.
The volume equation we did was 84x96 divided 2 then x 108.
The weight of the empty package is approximately 3.5 pounds.
To calculate the weight of the empty package we rounded 0.264 to 0.300. then we did 0.300x12.
Product Pricing
The price of one product is $2.

We chose this price because each paint can holds 2 lbs. and each lbs. costs $1.
Product Discount
We determined 25% a reasonable discount because the total product price ($240) is easily divisible by four.
Price of Product with Discount
The price of the product with the discount is $180 dollars.
Los Angeles
2252.5 mi.
247 lbs
1,185.5 mi.
247 lbs.
431.7 mi.
247 lbs.
Shipping Costs
Shipping Cost cont.
Our equation for the distance charge is distance x 0.03
Our equation for the weight cost is 246.918 x $3.75
The total cost equation is weight charge + distance charge.
Marketing Strategy
Buy your quality paint today!

Shipped in a reusable triangular prism box!
reduce, reuse, recycle!
(we used google as a resource)
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