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How can you "Change the World from Here?"

Diversity at USF & Mentoring First Generation Students

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of How can you "Change the World from Here?"

Public Recognition of USF's Diversity
Top 30 in Ethnic and International Student Enrollment
(U.S. News & World Report)

Top 10 among non HBCU's for enrollment & retention of underrepresented minority students
(Diverse: Issues in Higher Education)

A Growing Potential for becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution by HACU definition
(HIS = 25%; USF = 19%)
Foundations of Diversity at USF
USF Legacy & Mission
(educating leaders; valuing diversity of perspectives and experiences)

Jesuit Education
(women and men for others;
Cura Personalis

Social Justice
(advancing equity and access)

Goals of Muscat Scholars Program
(enhance skills; connet home community with USF learning community; preparation for a multicultural environment; promotes collaboration; introduction to campus resources)

Retention & Graduation
(national educational imperatives)

Office of Multicultural Recruitment
USF Diversity by Gender
Out of our incoming Freshman Fall 2014 class of 1, 331 students:
USF Diversity by Ethnicity
Out of our incoming Fall 2014 Freshman class of 1,331 students:
Geographic Representation
Out of our incoming Fall 2014 Freshman class of 1,331 students:
USF Diversity by School Type
Public Schools = 832 (62.5%)
Private Schools = 466 (35%)
International = 4 (0.3%)
Other/Unknown = 29 (2.1%)
USF Diversity Campus Culture
What does USF have to offer to foster our diverse community?
Go forth and change their world & yours!
How can

"Change the World from Here?"

Diversity at USF & Mentoring First Generation Students

Norma Peniche
Office of Multicultural Recruitment
Undergraduate Admission

Meaning for you
Female = 901 (67.6%)
Male = 430 (32.8%)
African American = 75 (5.6%)
Asian = 407 (30.5%)
Hispanic/Latin@ = 332 (24.9%)
Native American = 20 (1.5%)
Pacific Islander = 15 (1.1%)
White = 461 (34.6%)
Did not specify race/ethnicity = 21 (1.5%)
California = 958 (71.9%)
Out of State = 350 (26.2%)
Outside of U.S. = 23 (1.7%)
First Generation Students
A First Generation College Student is an individual whose parents...

did not complete a four-year degree but may have attended a university or college

did not attend any university or college
First Generation at USF
Out of the Fall 2014 incoming class of 1,331 freshman...

290 identified as a first generation college student (21.7%)

Last year was 33% out of 1201 students
First Generation at USF
By Gender:
Male --> 91 (31.3%)
Female --> 199 (68.6%)

By Ethnicity:
Asian --> 79 (27.2%)
White --> 55 (18.9%)
Hispanic/Latin@ --> 128 (44.1%)
African American --> 20 (6.8%)
Pacific Islander --> 2 (0.6%)
Did not specify race/ethnicity --> 3 (1%)
Representation by Major/College
Academic Profile for
Incoming Freshman 1st Gen vs. Non 1st Gen Students

1st Gen
Non 1st Gen
GPA: 3.62
SAT Math score average: 570
SAT Reading score average: 546
SAT Total average: 1115
ACT composite score average: 24
GPA: 3.55
SAT Math score average: 590
SAT Reading score average: 570
SAT Total average: 1160
ACT composite score average: 25
What do these statistics mean to you? What trends do you see?
First Generation Case Studies
Review the following student profiles & answer each question listed below:

What are the academic, personal, and social issues affecting the student?
Is your student at risk of dropping out?
How would you advise your student?
What resources would you direct them to?
Of our Fall 2014 Incoming First Generation Freshmen...

Business --> 69 (23.7%)
Liberal Arts --> 125 (43.1%)
Nursing --> 23 (7.9%)
Science --> 73 (25.1%)
Case Studies
David's Story
What do the students have in common? How are they unique?

What is the impact on your role as a peer mentor?

Other thoughts, ideas, and/or questions?
Latia's Story
Natalie's Story
Alex's Story
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Yay college!
The Office of Diversity Engagement &
Community Outreach
The Cultural Centers
Student Leadership
& Engagement
Study Abroad
& Immersion Trips

The Office of Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach seeks to promote a campus culture that values diversity in all its forms through inclusive dialogues, interpersonal experiences, and Intercultural appreciation; in support of a thriving campus climate and inclusive excellence.
Dr. Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi
Vice Provost
Phone: (415)422-2821
Email: mjwardell@usfca.edu
Adriana Broullon
Diversity and Community Relations Program Manager
Phone: (415)422-2828
Email: abroullon@usfca.edu
Alejandro Corvarrubios
Assistant Director of the Cultural Centers
E-mail: afcovarrubias@usfca.edu
The mission of the Cultural Centers, comprised of the The Intercultural Center and The Gender & Sexuality Center, is to support the University's core value of preparing members of the USF community to men and women for and with others; and to support the University's commitment to providing individuals with the critical reflections skills necessary to succeed in life. By providing opportunities for the USF community to continually gain greater understanding of self, we empower individuals to develop as whole persons and by extension, to honor the wholeness of others.
ASUSF Student of Color Representative

Center for Global Education
Africa/Middle East
Australia/New Zealand
University Ministry -- Arrupe Justice Immersion Program
El Salvador
Culturally Focused Clubs Council (CFCC)
Cultural Graduation ceremonies
Our mission is to provide programs and services that support students' leadership development and promote student engagement in co-curricular activities. USF encourages its students to "change the world from here."
Gregory V. Wolcott
Assistant Vice Provost
Email: gvwolcott@usfca.edu
Marci Nuñez
Director for Student Involvement
E-mail: manunez@usfca.edu
Enrique "Kique" Bazan
Associate Director for Social Justice & Community Action
E-mail: lebazan@usfca.edu
Diverse Faculty & Staff
Office of Diversity Engagement & Community Outreach
The Cultural Centers
Cultural-focused Clubs & Organizations
Office of Student Leadership & Engagement
Senate Student of Color Representatives
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