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Natural Risks: Tornadoes

No description

Vincent Obst

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Natural Risks: Tornadoes

Natural risks: Torndaoes
2.Formation and Characteristics of Tornados
How a Tornado forms?
-when warm moist air collide with cold dry air
-> the atmosphere is out of balance
-the slower moving warm air and the faster moving cold air create horizontal rotating columns of air
-when this columns get into a thunderstorm, they are turned into the vertical -> the whole thunderstorm starts to rotate
-a rear flank downcraft help to funnel spin up a tornado

-vertical rotating storm
-diameter: 20m - 100m (sometimes up to 2km)
-speed: about 50 km/h
-speed inside the funnel: up to 600 km/h
-classification: Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF Scale) 0-5
-length: only a few minutes
-frequency: 800-1000 per year in the USA only
3. Destruction By Tornadoes
4.Storm Chaser
-drive with their cars into or near to a tornado
-so they get “special kick“
-get many experiences à know how close they can
-get tot he tornado
-makes spectacular photos and videos
-collect important informations about tornados
-there are “Tornado Alleys“ a piece of land, where you can see a lot of tornados
-are not limited (you can see an tornado out of a “Tornado Alley“ )
-most tornados are rather threaten in whole East of USA

1. Tornados

- each year 1000 tornados
- late sprin in West Middle of America --> Tornado valley
- likely to occur
- e.g. Oklahoma City
- funnel, Strange noise
- felt everything was crushed
- hurrible aftermath

-Why so many victims?
- Why do these winds cause such destruction
- never know when tornado come --> not enough time
- enourmous power

Tornado valley
Tornado in Oklahoma City
confrontation with a tonardo:
- not much time to react
- it depends on where you are to find a shelter
- US – American houses are not as massive as of German houses
- many of them are without basement

Where to find a shelter?
- in a house with basement: cover yourself in the basement
- in a house without basement: go to a room without windows and cover yourself
- in schools, malls and office buildings: go to a windowless center and cover yourself
- in cars, mobile houses or trucks: get out of the vehicle
- outside: lie face down and protect your head
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