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Ancient Greece

This is a Prezi about ANCIENT GREECE!!

Jake Bradshaw

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

What is it all about? NEWSPAPER ONE A Place Called Greece Europe CITY LIFE IN GREECE Why are you dressed like that? & Clothes, Colour, Men, Women Near Italy Southeast of England Peninsula Mountains & Valleys Usually wool clothing By: Alexandra Bassanese By: Aidan Disano Lower class = white clothing Dye = expensive Had forced marriage 13-30 marriage ages Respectful women not in public CITY LIFE IN GREECE Sparta vs Athens Harsh conditions Fierce Army Prepared boys for war Girls had freedom Hated the Athens Respected Spartan soldiers Girls had no school Loved Poetry Believe Spartans weren't smart Boys are well educated By: Micheala Whelan SOCIAL STRUCTURES Many Occupations for men Farmer, fishermen, craftsman etc. Men spend time in army Teacher, musician, player = skilled Women are homemakers Women cook meals & weave Farmer was popular job By: Samantha Firetto HOMES Different Built of environment Mud bricks No fridges/ovens Around courtyard All doors facing courtyard Few windows By: Jalynne C.J.T FOOD Bread in diluted wine Bread with cheese and milk Breakfast Lunch Slaves eat Porridge & veggies. The wealthy ate bread, cheese, fish, veggies and nuts. Served with wine of course. Dinner NEWSPAPER TWO ΕΦΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ ΔΥΟ ΕΦΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ ΔΥΟ ΕΦΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ ΔΥΟ MILITARY Decisions were made by city Athens founded democracy Greece feared spartan military
Spartans had to train by 7 Athens trained from 14-18 GOVERNMENT Athens are democratic
democracy= demos (people) and kratos (rule) Only males allowed to vote
After the dark ages, Greeks had no punishments RELIGION Extremely important
Believe Gods & goddesses controlled nature
Olympians thought to be immortal
Went to God & Goddesses for prayers and help
Temples built in honour of them NEWSPAPER FOUR The Arts Actors performed orchestra
Theater holds 15000 people
Slaves rolled in rocks or other items to make sound
Satyr plays based on myths
Only men could act
Made a lot of rude jokes Olympics Biggest event in Greece
Began in 776 BCE
Held in honour of Zeus
Non Greeks couldn't compete
Woman and slaves can't compete Education Athens had private schools
Started school at 7
Girls didn't attend
Boys learned to read, write, sing and count
Girls learned to cook and clean
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