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artic wolf

No description

stefan stivicic

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of artic wolf

Arctic wolves are part of Canis lupus species. since they live in the arctic they have 2 layers of fur. Arctic Wolf :) Where They Live Arctic wolves live in Canadian Arctic and the islands, parts of Alaska and northern parts of Greenland. Sometimes arctic wolves dig a hole in the ground and make a den. If the ice is to thick they live in a cave. Hunting Behavior Arctic wolves hunt in packs.
Arctic wolves hunt caribou, muskoxen and arctic rabbits, but that's some of them. Arctic wolves can eat up to 9 kg. Arctic wolves have a high percent chance of a successful hunt. Did you know arctic wolves are carnivores? Arctic wolves can withstand arctic weather. Arctic wolves travel in packs of 2 to 20.They live in small family groups: a breeding pair and their pups. The pack works together to feed and care for the pups. Predators Facts Arctic wolves weigh 23 to 80 kg. There body length is 87 cm to 130 cm. Their average lifespan is 5 years. The predators of arctic wolves are the grey wolf, coyotes and polar bears. Arctic wolves play fight and play tug of war. Arctic wolves don't actually hurt each other, there just playing. When arctic wolves play tug of war play (which is not included in the video) they use a bone instead of rope (DUHH!!) they usually play it when they're pups. How Arctic Wolves Play male arctic wolf female arctic wolf Food Chain v arctic flowers musk oxen arctic wolf Life Cycle > v pup adult Arctic pups are born in spring. When an arctic
pup is born it's blind and deaf. Sometimes after one year pups leave the pack. When the mother looks for food for the pups, the pack protects the pups or as i call it, babysitting. 5 weeks Here is a a simple food chain. < > polar bear That's the end. Hope you like! That's The End PEACE OUT! EPIC FACE
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