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AUM Filibuster Prezentation

A prezi featuring information about the AUM "Filibuster": a student-led, creative writing journal.

stevo bray

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of AUM Filibuster Prezentation

AUM Filubuster 2012
The Filibuster is a student-led,
creative writing and arts journal
that serves to showcase the talent
found in AUM's student body.
creative writing...
poems, short stories, plays,
haikus, six-word memoirs,
flash-fiction, epics, sagas,
romances, comedies -
ideas you once scribbled on
notepads that have now developed
into other ideas you want to share...
student-led simply means
students work together to
promote, edit, design, publish,
and distribute the Filibuster.
photographs, inspirational designs, comic art, pencil drawings, scribbles that look appealing, etc. whatever expresses YOU that WE can put in journal form!
submission requirements
any major,
any classification,
any writing style,
any hair style
send any number of submissions to filibuster@aum.edu
deadline for
is Dec. 31, 2011
benefits of
recognition + publication = resume material + bragging rights
...one last thing!
if you'd be especially interested in helping with graphic design, contact the filibuster editor ASAP:
stephen bray @ sbray2@aum.edu
when submitting your material via filibuster@aum.edu, please attach it as a file instead of copying it directly into the email body.
this will ensure any special format you wanted will be kept, and will ensure you aren't upset when you see your submission published!
(!) important (!)
new this year...
give us your best tweet!

give us your best worst opening
sentence of a novel!
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