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Christmas in ROMANIA

No description

Ciobanu Florin

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Christmas in ROMANIA

A Christmas Carol!
Good morning Christmas Eve!
Christmas tree as we know it today, decorated with ornaments which reflect shimmering light candles or electrical system , it has always been thus adorned .
Although pre-Christian European origin is not disputed by anyone, opinions are still divided : some see in it a representation , '' the world tree , others consider it a direct reference , '' Paradise tree adorned with apples a bright red , reminiscent of the sins committed by the people first before their expulsion from paradise .
Romanian Christmas dishes!
Feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ or Christmas, is the Romanian people (especially the Orthodox Christian) an occasion of great joy. After Advent, a period of abstinence both bodily and spiritual absolution from eating sweet entail numerous habits and a medley of pork meat and sweets to celebrate. Butchering is done on the day of Ignat. Pork for the Christmas feast is prepared bacon, sausage, cartaboşi, drums, rolls, roast pork bone soup.
  Sweets to end the holiday table are: cake, pie and paste. All these preparations according to the present diversification ethnographic and are accompanied by specific areas beverages: brandy, brandy, various wines.
Christmas in Romania is the main annual holiday, as in most Christian states. Christmas was introduced with the advent of Christianity in Romania, but had a break during communism when religion,Iisus Hristos and the Cross have been banned by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
Christmas in ROMANIA!!!
Christian carols!
Custom carols embedded in it not only the song and ritual gesture , but many messages and symbols of an ancient Romanian spirituality . He sometimes kept associating with the Christian celebration of the big event is the birth of Jesus Christ. There are also songs to stand (or Christian carols ) , on the subject of the Nativity .
 On Christmas Eve, the evening , in all villages in the country, start caroling . Children with the star announcing the birth of the Lord and are welcomed by hosts that reward them with apples, nuts and coils.
Romanian cuisine!
Specific national
· Sausages · sausage stuffed peppers
Ciulama with meatballs, Chişcă and soup
Tripe soup
Fish soup
Coils, alms, tripe, Pots, baked
Language olives, polenta, casseroles, stew
Paprika, minced meat croquette, Pilaf, Piftie
Tackle, Boiled, Brine
Cabbage, bacon, sauteed carrots
Stew, Bear polenta, cabbage, vegetable stew
Legend of the Christmas tree!
Florin Ciobanu
@2013 december
Piekarie Slaskie-Poland
17 /12/2013
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