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Mechanics WJEC M1 Syllabus

GCE AS/A MATHEMATICS Examinations from 2009

brian davies

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Mechanics WJEC M1 Syllabus

So what is
Mechanics? What? Basically it's the Maths
of what happens
to moving, hitting
and throwing stuff! Ah! Right ...

What do I
have to learn? Rectiliner Motion
Dynamics of a particle
Momentum and Impulse
Statics Ok you asked for it! Dynamics of a particle Friction Pardon? Lets look at each one at a time Rectilinear Motion Dynamics of a Particle Friction Momentum and Impulse Statics Basically there are two sections
Motion under uniform acceleration
Vertical Motion Under Gravity Don't panic! Motion under Uniform Acceleration

This is Newton at his best,
its learning his three equations
of motion and applying it to
moving bodies. Veritical Motion Under Gravity

This is using the same equations
to look at things when they have
been dropped or thrown straight
up in the air. This is an introduction
to the basics of friction, tension and thrust.
Involves easy questions about lifts and puleys ready for later sections! Friction

Its exactly what it says really
Friction basically acts to stop movement.
You will learn the formula for it and learn to apply it.

Simple! So not to scared yet? Ready to see some more? These are not
fragrances Momentum is the study
of bodies moving about
and hitting each other and Impulse is the force that makes the change. Statics is tasty stuff!
Basically it is looking at how things balance.
From see saws to plane wings and all sorts of shapes.

It can get quite hairy but is some of the best Maths
in the course, its good fun once you get to grips with it.

Honest. So hopefully you won't be too put off.

Give it a go and just get stuck in!
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