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This is Me

No description

David Murray

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of This is Me

I. Introduction
a. Attention Getter- quote, story, startling fact or statistic,
rhetorical question, tell a joke, show a picture.

b. Give a reason to listen to you speak- I want to make
friends, we have a quiz…

c. Introduce the Topic- For this speech the topic is you.
Make sure you say your name.

d. Preview your main points- today I will tell you about
the factors that make me who I am. They include my hobbies, family, and friends (you select the topics).

Transition phrases:
“First I would like to talk with you about my interests and hobbies”

"Since you understand a little bit about my background, you might then know why I chose to..."

“Now that I have told you a little about myself let me recap what I would like you to remember about me.”

II. Body
*Make sure to have a slide or item to help the
audience visualize what you are talking about with
each main point

a. Main Point One- provide details (for instance about your hobbies)

b. Main Point Two- provide details (for instance about your family).

c. Main Point Three- provide details (for instance about your friends).
III. Conclusion
a. Summarize main points (restate what you talked about).

b. Restate main idea (say your name one last time and what you what everyone to learn from your speech).

c. Concluding thought (don’t leave the audience hanging,
wrap it all up with a quote, finish the story you started
in the introduction, tell a joke, call to action- invite the
audience to get to know you better by playing or doing something with you).
The Survey
The survey that you have taken will help you to create your speech by:

Understanding what you believe about yourself.

Guiding you -> If you believe more in
, then you will talk more about your family's effect on who you are. If you believe more in
, you then will talk more about the experiences that made you who you are.
Strengths and Weakness
You can relate your experiences and genetics, in part, back to your strengths and weaknesses.

I've always been a natural athlete. My brother like me, was also spectacular at sports (

Although, I have never been good at learning practical skills; for instance mechanical knowledge, how to take apart a car and put it back together. My father wasn't interested in learning from his dad, so I never learned how to do that sort of thing (
Your Opinion
Make sure that you've come to some conclusion about what has made you who you are. Whether it is mostly:

This should be done on PPT or Prezi

Your speech has a clear Introduction, Body (at least three main points), and Conclusion

You include transitions between your topics.

You write your speech about what makes you who you are today.

You have a clear opinion (it can be both) about whether it is more genetics or your environment that has influenced you.
This is Me!
This is Me
What makes me who I am?
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