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Education Presentation

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Melissa Lambert

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Education Presentation

What I Have Learned in Education Fieldwork How I Plan to Use These Lessons When I Become a Teacher My mother had a day care center. I would help her take care of children from infants to five and six year olds. I believe this is where most of my learning came from. My Past History What Didn't Work What Worked Some of the things that were chalenging
It was a little unorganised on Friday because the
children have the weekend ahead and don't want to do homework.
I thought that they spent a lot of instructional time gatekeeping the students.
At the Boys and Girls Club the students basicaly got to have their
own personal time with there tutors in the classroom. I may not be able
to teach the students individualy but I can personaly check up on each student
to see if they are learning the material and if they need extra help or not in class.

At the YMCA the staff seemed to have a very personal realationship with the children as well as their staff. I too want to make sure that i have a nice relatoinship with my students as well as the peopkel who suround me. I worked at the YMCA for eleven
hours and seven hours
at the Boys and Girls Club.
The YMCA had a wonderful staff. A great group of people is what makes the envoirmetnt is great for learning.
The kids wanted to be listen to and helped with thier studies at the Boys and Girls Club.
The organisation were both pretty stuctured and had scedules for their students.

My Expectations I thought that it would be a lot like
a school setting and that
the students would just be
around one teacher. Insted there
were several stations for the childern
and several grown ups
to help them with their work. Some of the Things That Related to
Education 2110 They made sure to look at each childs
needs and go from there. they new that
each child was diffrent and needed
diffrent kinds of assistance.
Both institutions had student centered philosopies.They both cared about the students educational wants and needs.

What I learned I learned that there are great examples outside of the schools fences to show that people sincerely care about childrens' educational needs.
I also learned that i really care about the students and that I work well with all ages.
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