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medal of honor

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of medal of honor

medal of honor
William Hawking and Dakota Meyer were both in the marines
Francis Currey and Sammy Davis both participated in the army
Francis Currey and William Hawking were in both World War 2
Sammy Davis, Dakota Meyer, and William Hawking were all injured during the war but all persevered and continued to fight
They all showed honor and sacrifice through risking their lives for other people and our countrys freedom
Dakota Meyer
Dakota Meyer was a US marines solder in the Iraq and Afghanistan War over heard a Taliban ambush occurring a mile away on his radio. Meyer courageously risked his life and drove toward the cite of the ambush. Unforctly the Taliban fighters unleashed a fire storm after bombing the area (the ferocious fire was wounding killing tons of America soldiers.) Meyer sacrificed his life by driving into the fire five times, jumping out each time to save trapped or injured men. In the end Dakota Meyer injured his arm and risked his life to save thirty-six people from the burning blaze.
Francis Currey
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis was in the US army and participated in the Vietnam War. Davis showed sacrifice and honor by firing one hundred rounds and by providing protection for his crew until the enemy fired a rocket propelled grenade, inflicting a head and back injury. Although Sammy was servery injured he got back up and continued to fight, until he heard screaming from across the river. Ignoring warnings to take cover and unable to swim Davis found a mattress and paddled across the river to save three wounded soldiers.
medal of honor recipients
sierra eckhardt and savannah ball
William Hawking
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