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Howling Acres Wolf Sacturay

This is a prezi that explains Dominators organizations and what we've learned form them

Holly Rush

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Howling Acres Wolf Sacturay

Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary Wanna Know about HAWS? founded in 1991
by Charlie and Sherri
Labat Located in the timber
hillsides of southern
oregon cared for over 30
wolves dedicated to preservation
of wolves How have you attempted to help your organization? gathering information African Wildlife Foundation AWF- protects the Africa's land and animal HAWS- preservation of wolves Save the Manatees- prevent manatees from becoming extinct ASPCA- protect animal's rights why did we choose this cause? we chose this cause because
we are all passionate about
animals and want to help in
any way we can. What general information did you learn from your cause We learned what they do
How they do what they do
Why they do it Aspca Background information They like to help animals
they rescue animals Attempted to help my organization background info leading international conservation organization founded in 1961@ the African Independence Movement how have I attempted to help? I've written a business letter and a memo What experiences from this project that I learned the most? I honestly thought that creating a business letter and a memo had expanded my knowledge more. I think this learning would really help me for my job,managing director, because having to write a business letter is more than likely a daily task for me. Save the Manatees!!!!! Background Information: help save the ocean biome prevent manatee extinction raise money How I have attempted to help: Wrote a business letter asking for information asked friends and family to donate money What have I learned? respect responsibility contribution Tell people about what they do Experiences Learned how to make a prezi
Leaned about organizations I will use it to make a presintation and recipes hey hey researching
fundraisers organizing a fundraiser gathering materials getting the
word out Experiences from this project that
i learned the most from, and how
this will help me when I'm older. Organization Skills-organize my ideas and daily
things in a more affective way Communication Skills- be able to talk to people about business Resumes and Business Letters- have a knowledge of business letters and resumkes when i get jobs
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