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Rap Music

Project by Abby, Lisa, Drew, Marwan, Christine, and Jerry

Abby O'Grady

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Rap Music

Influences on Pop Culture Majority of society would say that rap music has a NEGATIVE influence on pop culture because they believe, all rap songs are about sex, cursing, violence, racism, drugs, etc. Thus, affecting the listener's learning, language and actions - Most slang/curse words were
introduced by rap songs

- Scientists believe most teenagers will
start getting involved in sexual activity
by 13 because of the content they're
listening to. Evidence? But truth is, what they’re thinking of is just one of the sub-genres called “gangsta rap” that was introduced in the mid-1980s.
It's the only form that
consistently sends out
negative messages For example, in 1999, Nas released a new song called "Shoot 'em Up". This song sends out a much more violent message. Even though some rap songs can have a bad influence on their listeners but it can also be POSITIVE! Rap music can be used as a useful tool by drawing attention to problems of poverty, racism, and current real life events. How can rappers be criticized for making music about violence, drug use, sex and murder when it's a reflection of what's going on around them. Rap Music The Future of
Rap Where does it lead? Instrumentation Sampler A kind of synthesizer
used along with the keyboard Turntable Although rap sales have drastically declined
since 2000, the genre is far from disappearing Rap is very versatile and can be combined with many other genres to create sub-genres and microgenres of music. This allows rap to take new forms and create newer, more exciting music. With limitless possibilities for new types of rap, the genre is bound to survive through more and more relevant and recent forms for many years. The History of Rap - rap has a few different origins questioning where it came from - it is said that rap once originated from Africa over a century ago - the Africans did not have much, they only had a drum which they used as their main beat and they would just chant words to it Timeline Starting Out Gangsta Rap Present 1970's 1980's Now Keyboard - rap was also said to be invented in the 1970's where people put on a record and chanted words to the beat in their homes - at this time, rap was sung for celebrations Drum machine - rap become popular with the release of Sugarhill Gang's hit "Rapper Delight" in 1979 - numerous rappers became popular and well-known at this time, and lots of rap songs topped the charts Computer Rapper's Delight by Sugarhill Gang - soon, a new style of rap was established and became popular as well, this rap is known as gangsta rap - this type of rap was invented around 1983 with the release of Ice-T's rap songs that were some of the first gangsta rap - gangsta rap did not become very popular until the 1990's Artists: Colt Ford, Jason Aldean, Everlast, Cowboy Troy, Bubba Sparxxx makes any sound the producer wants ties all the music together. - rap music has now been reduced to thirty second snippets incorporated in the songs that you listen to the radio every day - rap has still not died, there are still well-known rap artists living and successful Presently, Eminem is known as the king of rap. Musical Influences Other Influences Influences on Rap Rap wasn't only an influence, it was also influenced too! -A large contributor would be DJ’s who simply play records at home, they were founding fathers for our rap today
-Most of the musicians who influenced rap were from genres like R&B, funk, soul, jazz, and rock and roll performers and musicians - Rhyming is a common trait in many rap songs
- These were influenced by poets and writers like Iceberg Slim, and older poets like Gil Scott-Heron and the Last Poets, and other almost ancestor writers including Muhammad Ali and Richard Pryor That's it ! Rap music can have impact on the way people dress as well, because of all the revealing, baggy, and jewelry that is being worn in music videos, like in “Work Hard Play Hard” by Wiz Khalifa. By: Abby, Drew, Christine,
Lisa, Jerry and Marwan Rap is very versatile and can be combined with many other genres to create sub-genres or micro-genres of music. Because of this, rap can take new forms to create newer and more exciting music. With limitless combinations, rap is bound to survive for many more years through more and more relevant and recent music. Rap sub-genres and micro-genres that are gaining
popularity are country rap and Christian rap. Country Rap: Colt Ford: -singer/rapper/songwriter
-"Nothing in particular", "Hiphop in a honky tonk",
"All about y'all"
- "Chicken and Biscuits" spent 48 weeks on
Billboard's Top 50 Country Chart Christian Rap: Artists: Flame, Propaganda, Da T.R.U.T.H., Lecrae Lecrae: -"Fall back", "Chase that (ambition)", "Send me"
-PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Show
-BET Awards cypher 2011 Rap is also expanding
to different cultures:
Greek cultures, France,
Germany, Middle East As rap does not necessarily require
material objects,
it is common in more poor
countries, notably African
regions Rap has a future in new forms
and will survive for a very long
time through them, although most
people who are used to American
popular rap do not recognize
them yet. Wenn wir Kommen (Bushido) Nairobi, Kenya Makes very simple and basic samples from existing material.
Makes sounds other instruments can't An electronic instrument that creats a large number of drum sounds.
Makes custom beats. lose yourself by eminem MUSICAL ELEMENTS Flow is one of the most important elements in rap. Flow- is the specific way an artist raps over the beat. flow delivery rhythm technique attitude
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