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Native American Literature

No description

Christian McRoberts

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Native American Literature

Native American Literature
Inconclusive Start date
A theory made by many different people around the world is that the Native Americans are decendents of ice age hunters who traveled to North America via the Bering land bridge 20-40 thousand years ago.
15th Century

15th century: In the 15th century the Native Americans (Aztecs) developed the Sun Stone a calender carved in stone and the Native Americans population grows to about 10 million throughout the United states
20th Century
20th Century: In the 20th Century Natives Americans (Navajo tribe) helped the United States in WW2 with relaying secret information using their own native language known today as the navajo code talkers these Native Americans helped win the war In many peoples opinion.
Famous Authors
There are no particular Native American authors because most of the Native American literature was passed on through oral poems stories and dances.
Present day Authors
Some present day authors are;
Louise Erdich
N. Scott Momaday
Luci Tapahonso
Simon Ortiz
Leslie Marmom Sliko
Reactions, Goals, Dreams, & Themes
The Native Americans had a relatively simple dream and their dream was to become one with nature and everything around them. They believed in the cyclical nature of life which is basically saying that everything happens and ends up being repeated by some other person in the future. Native American literature is not necessarily a reaction to the values of a previous era because they did not have any contact with the Europeans until the late 15th century and the Native Americans began keeping written records of their literature in the late 19th century. The Native Americans did not have a set goal but they were all in tie to trying to become interconnected with nature and the cyclical nature of life. The theme of their literary period is living side by side with the natural world and the spiritual world.
Christian McRoberts
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