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Why are you bored?


stevie wadford

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Why are you bored?

WHY ARE YOU BORED? Bordom is a natural effect when any one person enters a Science class, Math class, or Social Studies class. Other reasons may include: Regular power points SCHOOL Being Single Being grounded! No Phone! No TV being bored Everyone says bordom sucks Survay says! 95% of people say yes! The other 5% of people are complete lunatics! Again, No one really knows who invented Bordom, but who ever it was, was a complete, utterly, massivly stupid! Girls say it was guys (which was prob true) Guys say it was girls AGAIN IDK what to put now! OOHHH, i love the song Greatest Show Unearthed!!! It goes like: Yah' know what? Look it up on youtube ANYWAY If you wach this you are the best!!!!!! I <3 DINOS Sireously, look up Greatest Show Unearthed DINOS RULE!!!!!!!! BUH BYE!
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