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Writing Under Pressure

No description

Sarah Ben-Zvi

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Writing Under Pressure

To develop and strengthen strategies for tutoring students who have anxiety or uncertainty about written exams—either short response or longer essay format—and to help students develop the skills to:

Effectively navigate the question and understand what is being asked of them
Use strategies to compose a clear and developed response to the question

Step 4: Revision and Editing
Step 1: Careful Reading
Writing Under Pressure:

How student tutors can best help students prepare for written response exam questions

Step 3: Compose a Response
Workshop Objectives:

Planning a response is essential, even if it’s brief.

One strategy: “scratch” outline: a brief list of main points and key terms.

Step 2: Planning a Response

Going through the process of PRACTICING is key in developing stronger timed writing skills. Do not merely walk them through it. Practice with them, if possible. Show them how to set up “real test” conditions:
Setting aside a chunk of time to write a sample essay
Using a timer (or phone app)
Using critical revision strategies to go over one’s own work

Resources for practice:

Chapter review questions
Study guide questions
Quiz questions (if applicable)
Questions posed during in-class discussions (a reminder that good note-taking often can translate to more effective test-taking skills)
Sample essay questions from AP exams, GRE exams, TOEFL, etc.

(See handout)

Take-Away Points

Model how to break down a question, and guide the student through doing this himself.
Pay attention to how the question is worded (is it requiring analysis, description, etc.).
Pay attention to key words.

Step 2: Planning a Response

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