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Fiji Islands

No description

Verona Oudijk

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Fiji Islands

Topics. - History
-Food History Warm and tropical climate.

Summers are 31.1 and in the winter 28.8

The warmest between December and April.
The coldest between May and November.

Rain season is between April and December. Climate -Fiji located in Southern Hemisphere

-Surrounded by South Pasific

-South-west of Hawaii and north-east of Sydney

- Two largest islands: Viti Levu and Vanua Levu

-75 % lives on Viti Levu

-18% lives on Vanua Levu

-Fiji has 322 islands, 106 inhabited. Geography Fiji Islands Culture Transport Language Food English


Hindoestani Smothering in Coco Milk.

Special oven: Lovo.

Coffee or Kava. - Railways
- Waterways
- Air
- Car Hires
- Taxi's Religion Christianity: 58%
Hinduism 33%
Muslims: 8%
Others: 5%

Consists of natives, Indian, Europese and Chinese. Discovered in 1943 by Abel Tasman.

Cannibal Island.

1874 British colony.

1970 Fiji independent.

1987 Fiji became republic. Rand Al Ajeel
Verona Oudijk
Kim Heijboer

Tot ziens - Moce

Alstublieft - Kerekere Polynesian culture 4 things, which they think is disrespectful:

- Long clothes.
- Never touch someone's head.
- Wearing a hat.
- Walking in a house with shoes on.

'Labrador' ( Wooden Drum)

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