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excretory system

No description

riley roberts

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of excretory system

exiting the body through the urinary
Excretory System
Disorders of the Excretory
* Any malfunction of this system results in the waste products circulating all over the body and causing problems to the entire body.
Organs of the system
functions of
the excretory

Kidney-Filters waste from blood
Urinary bladder-Stores liquid waste
Ureters-Carry waste from kidney to bladder
*Kidney Stones

*Bladder Cancer



the functions of the excretory system are
to get rid of the unwanted body wastes and to balance things like oxygen, water, and nutrients.
Urethra-A tube that allows urine to leave the body.
*One of the most well known
disorders of the excretory system is Kidney Stones.

*These are smaller sized deposits of calcium located in the nephrons.
Skin- Lets waste out of body through sweat
Large intestine- Responsible for transporting waste.
* Causes extreme amounts of pain while
*May be caused by un-level
minerals in the system.
How does it interact with other systems?
Symptoms of Kidney
The excretory system empties and filters what exits the body and cooperates with other systems
or nausea
*Painful urination
*Frequent Urination

*Fever or chills
Riley Roberts
Brandon Tavernia
Angela Weller
Cheyenne Monaghan

(Kidney Stones)
What surprised us the most?
Kidney Stones can be
the size of golf balls.
This system is vital because other oragns would not function correctly without the excretory system.
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