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Burj Khalifa: Construction Technologies

Brief overview of the construction technologies used at the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

Beck Kimanoff

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Burj Khalifa: Construction Technologies

Burj Khalifa: Construction Technology Technologies in this presentation Geotechnical Technology
Concrete Pumping Technology
Wall and floor Technology
Formwork Technology
External Wall Technology
Crane Dismantling Technology
Fire Protection Technology
Wind Engineering Technology Construction Technologies Geotechnical Technology Soil/rock conditions:
Dense sands
Weak sandstone
Interbeds of gypsiferous
Carbonate cemented layers
33 boreholes drilled
Double tube rock coring
60 pressuremeter tests performed Geotechnical Highlights Putzmeister 14000 SHP D Concrete Pumping Technology A machinery record was set in pumping concrete to a new height – though not exactly to the often-quoted measurement.
In late 2007 a string of high pressure concrete pumps needed to splutter the mixture up to 601 meters. The maker of the pumps held a photocall, and used a massive poster to announce the figure us a new world record. World Record Pumping Height 606m Putzmeister 14000 SHP D The concrete volume in the line amounted to approximately 11m3 with this installation height – meaning there was roughly 26 tonnes on the pump after every piston stroke – or five big elephants.
Over a period of about 32 months, the high pressure pump and two others delivered more than 165,000m3 of high-strength concrete which, going back to our preferred unit of measurement is about 66 Olympic sized swimming pools. Concrete Pumping Technology Wall and floor technologies The structural system can be described as a buttressed’ core. Each wing, with its own high performance concrete corridor walls and perimeter columns, buttresses the others via a six-sided central core, or hexagonal hub Wall and floor construction Vertical shortening of Burj Khalifa Doka SKE 100 and MevaDec System Formwork Technology Doka SKE 100

SKE formwork system is used for raising:
- large-area formwork elements
- jointly with the climbing scaffold
- in one single step
- and without any cranage by one casting section at a time. Formwork system External Wall Technology 90 percent humidity 40 degrees Celcium External wall Construction of
Burj Khalifa Special two-paned windows were designed for use in the Burj Khalifa. The outside face reflects daily solar heat. It is coated with a thin layer of metal, which deflects ultra-violet radiation. First pane is useless again infrared radiation. So, the inner pane is coated with a thin layer of silver, which keeps the infrared rays out. External wall Construction of Burj Khalifa Favelle Falco Crane Dismantling Technology Another small crane had to be lifted to floor 159. With a crane on this floor as well as the one on level 99, the dismantling process was ready to begin. The process started with the crane climbing down from its working height of over 700 metres. The crane removed its own mast sections and lowered them to the ground until the boom and power pack were at the position of the Level 159 recovery crane.
From there, the Level 159 recovery crane dismantled the remainder of the main crane, lowering the pieces of boom, mast and power pack to the recovery crane at Level 99, which further lowered them to the ground. Dismantling Fire Protection Technology Emergency voice communications
Prerecorded Messaging
Live Voice Messaging
All Call or Zoned
Fire Fighter Communication
Two-way Voice communications
Fire Command Center
Emergency Generator room
BMS/Security room
Exit stairways
Fire pump rooms
GPS wireless phone system
Home Automation system
Direct information to Residential Units Fire Protection Wind Engineering Technology

For Burj Khalifa wind forces and the resulting motions in the upper levels
become dominant factors in the structural design. Wind Engineering Thank you !
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