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No description

josh webber

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of P1

Double click anywhere & add an idea User Need And Problem Requirements Project Planning This is where you decide whos workin on what part of the software, what the layouts goin to look like and what do you need to create the software. Problem Requirements Whats like to become problems and how can we ressolve them. P-One Investigation Surveys To look at what software and hardware already exists. System Analysis How does the system currently work and who uses it. Interviews and Questionnaires Going to observe to see how they currently do it. Design Visual Design How the layout of the software will look with the the buttons, picture etc. Pseudo Code A rough version of what the software code will look like. Working Practisces Backup All ways backin up your data so that you don't lose any files and so that you have earlyer version of the software incase somthing goes wrong. Commenting Making sure that people know whats going on with the software and code. Alpha Test To test parts of the software as you create them to make sure they work correctly before moving on. Testing Beta Testing To test the software once its complete whilst maybe adding a few more features. Debugging To get rid of bugs that maybe stopping the software from running correctly. User Analysis To watch people using the software to see if there are need for changes in furture versions. Maintenance Documentation To have a guide book on how to use the software and
developer guide letting the user know about all the coding. Patching To maybe repair part of the software that has malfuctioned using a patch Update To have updates for the software keeping it going with the times.
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