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Classes of Service and Decision Rules

Visuals for talk at Agile Practicioners 2013 conference (http://agilepractitioners2013.com/), 30th January 2013, Israel

Guy Nachimson

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Classes of Service and Decision Rules

Principles of Decision Rules: 1. Decentralize economic control
2. Control decision logic - not process 1 Lb $300 Example: Boeing 777 Suite-Wide
Continuous Integration Suite Wide Backlog TO DO In Progress Done Customer
Issues Tests /
Integration Internal
Defects Feature
Work Scrum backlogs Different Classes of Service How do you prioritize?! Self Organized Self Directed =$2.30 =$1.15 Ah HA! You CAN compare them! Experiment #1: Scrum by the Book -Urgent issues can't wait
-Triage and schedule is waste
-Interrupting the experts Experiment #2: Do it Immediately +Faster response
-Lost feature work focus Experiment #3: Round Robin "Fire Fighter" +/-Fast response time (unless high load)
+Learn by doing
+Others can focus
+Fair Experiment #4: "Fire Fighter" + Help Threshold OK,
so customer
Issues are #1... Scrum, Apples & Oranges How to do it? Criteria for success AG Customer Issues Reduce Known Defects Features Visualization helps Self-Organization (of teams!) Towards a Goal 100% Tests Pass to promote build
Stop & Fix
Root Cause Analysis Critical = 8 pts High = 5 pts Medium = 2 pts Low = 1 pt Severity
Score: Catching up (8 months) New status quo (recent 15 months): Queue size (blue): 70-80% less
Age in queue (yellow): 70-80% less Results: Case Study: Software - webMethods Suite OK: Less than 15 OK: 100% of tests pass OK: Score is within Plan More potential in Reinertsen's Decision Rules, but:
- Requires a comprehensive economic framework:
Value/Cost of features, defect fix, cost of delay
- Has to be semi-accurate We saw:
- Controlling decision logic on multiple levels
- Tradeoffs ("good enough" rules, bug score)
- Self organization + System level alignment
Big benefit:
- Many quick, good decisions at the team level Decision Rules
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