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Cassandra Navarro

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Aztecs

Aztec Marriage
Aztec Music
Aztec Food
Aztec Art
By: Alex, Alexis, Cassandra, Kyler, & Pasha
Aztec Religion

Teponazli Aztec drum
Religion was important to the Aztec people. The Aztecs named and worshiped over 1000 gods. The most important gods were the sun and war Gods. The rain god was also important for growing food. They believed in many heavens up to 13 of them and 9 hells. They built temples representing their Gods. The more important Gods had bigger temples. These temples had pools, places for the priest to live and places to hold the skulls. Human sacrifices were done almost all year to please the Gods. They sacrificed other tribe kings or their own people, including women and children. For the sacrifice they would put the person on the top of the temple and tear their heart out. The heart would then be placed in a special bowl and lifted to the sun. People were happy to give their self for sacrifice since they believed they would go straight to heaven this way.
Thousands of years ago, the Aztec tribe created art and named it toltecat. Their art was very religious for it should and represented Gods and animals. Every piece they made had a back-story and meaning. Some Aztec temples represented mountains, while others would express feelings and ideas along with realistic human forms or forms of nature. They would never sell it to just anyone though. The tribe had all sorts of styles, materials, and ideas for each piece of art. Whether it was clothing, jewelry, statues, pottery, etc. It was often made of gold, copper, jewels, silver, feathers, clay, or stone. Although, the art also was a sign of death and discord, but it was usually lifelike and extremely beautiful.
When aztect girls were 16 they got married. When aztect men were 21 got married. Before he could get married he had to ask his teachers permission. His parents invite his teachers to ask for their permission, they presented an axe to cut the boy free from school.Marriage is considered an event when a child becomes an adult. Usually the bride’s family would say “no” the first time she asked. After waiting a few days she would ask the her family again. This second attempt usually would be a success in a “yes”.
Sacrifice Video (Representation)
Marriage Set-Up Video (Representation)
Do you like music? Did you know that the aztec wrote and played music. Most of the music was wrote to honor there kings and gods and godess.One of the most common insterment was the drum it was something to keep a route beat the other isterments followed.
One of the most important ingredients was corn, a crop that was so important to the Aztec culture and society that it played a central part in their mythology. The other ingredients, often used, was salt and chili peppers. The aztec diet influenced a variety of fish and wild animals.
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