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Linh-Tam Do

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Democracy

Freedoms in China
The hardest place to understand what the lack of freedom means is China, which is nothing like the Stalin model or Cuba or North Korea
In post-Mao China, Chinese people travel abroad in huge numbers. In internet use, China is about to overtake the U.S. as number one in the world. It’s a market society, cruelly competitive; the economy is less state-owned than France or Austria’s, for example


Democracy began in Athens (ancient Greece)
Athens was one of the very first known democracies and probably the most important in ancient times
Other Greek cities set up democracies, most but not all following an Athenian model, but none were as powerful or as stable (or as well-documented) as that of Athens
The origin of democracy is usually official to the ancient Greek development of Athens. Athenian people were members of the assembly, and had a direct say when it came to the formation of laws. The ancient development of Babylon is also said to have been one of the first to practice democracy.
When/where did democracy begin in the world?



There are lots of other different countries that are not governed by a democracy like Vatican City, Myanmar, China, Burma, Egypt, Ethiopia Congo, Sudan, Cameroon, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea and many more!

The country I chose is China

Profile of China
capital city is Beijing
the People’s Republic of China is the world’s largest country by population and is the third largest country by area
China has a continent which is Asia
China's government is Communism.
China is a single-party republic ruled by the Communist Party.

A country that is not governed by a democracy
Australia is a democracy, china has a central communist government
China has a population of 1.3 billion people whereas Australia has 23 million

China is a quasi-capitalist country run by a one-party government called the Communist Party of China
There are still a lot of state-run companies and productions and people cannot own land over there
The media is controlled by the party and the internet is strictly monitored and regulated. E.g. there is no Facebook access in China
People there cannot openly protest, especially about Democracy. For example, back in 1989, there were thousands of college students that protested for democracy in Beijing and the Communist Party sent their army to kill everyone
Also something scary is that their army is controlled by the party and not the government like all developed nations

What is the difference between China and Australia?
Australia’s federal structure, independent lawful, strong representative governmental societies and independent national human rights association play an integral role in protecting human rights
They also provide a stronghold against taking advantage of power and denials of fundamental freedoms

The Australian Government encourages people to learn about and participate in Australia’s democratic foundation
Key democratic principles and practices include responsible government; the separation of law-making, exclusive and legal powers; the observance of lawful safeguards; the rule of law; a transparent criminal justice system; fairly resourced and respected opposition parties; and a free media. Australia’s strong democratic organizations are completed by a number of specific legal protections for human rights

Freedoms in Australia
Are there other countries that have similar governance?
How do their leaders get to their positions of power?
When people in China select new leaders, there are no set rules on how leaders are selected
There are also no set of rules on how long leaders can serve and how they are selected
During these days, a president and prime minister are limited to two or five year terms and leaders have to rule by agreement
The decision-making process behind choosing leaders is very secretive and subject to abrupt changes, and rarely goes smoothly
Often the leader who is on the way out will anoint another leader before he/she goes
Often there is a transition period as the old leader phases out and possible replacements jockey for position and phase in; followed by a power struggle one the old leader dies
Meeting with potential future leader
Li Changchun
A lot of countries that have similar governance like China. Some countries are Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam.
Government in China

The government of China largely operates on three levels: National, Regional and local level. Between these three levels the Chinese government has a company in nearly every formative aspect of Chinese life. The Chinese government plays a large role in the management of China’s economic system and a good understanding of the governmental system is important for businesses in China.


Australia on the other hand is a democracy with a parliamentary system where people have the right to gather and form political parties
In Australia, it is illegal not to vote
There is media separate from the government and access to information is not restricted like China
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